Avicii Live At Earls Court Review

Avicii Live At Earls Court London Review

If you missed out on the craziness that was Avicii’s Earls Court True gig on Friday 21st February, you should be kicking yourself right now. Surrounded by over-excited grown men and screaming girls, we stood center, opposite the stage from where the 24-year-old DJ/producer smashed some hits.

The atmosphere had already become pretty crazy within the first few seconds of Avicii approaching the stage, throwing out some of his classics like ‘You Make Me’ and ‘Hey Brother’ – the crowd were pumped and jumping in tune to all the beats produced. Not only the music but the stage itself was impressive enough with its rollercoaster theme to robots, music videos and live crowd action being played on the big screens behind him, and if all that wasn’t enough to rally us all, the constant strobe light sure did make it feel like an illusion. From a smashing track list and amazing production details, Avicii was a blast from start to finish.

He also included some mixes from Florence and the Machine’s cover of ‘You’ve Got The Love’ to Rudimental, all of course, taken over by a heavily base line and a huge drop.

In true form, to end, Avicii wrapped it up with ‘I Could Be The One’, smoke and streamer guns of fire enough to take the front rows eyebrows off firing into the crowd as the chords echoed slowly coming to an end around the room.

Mind-blowing is an understatement.

By Danielle Holley


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