Backpacker Healthcare Jobs in Melbourne Australia

Backpacker Healthcare Jobs in Melbourne Australia

Are you a healthcare professional seeking an Australian adventure?  Are you looking for a support network that can help you find your feet in Australia?  Bower Healthcare’s Working Holiday Packages are perfect if you have just arrived in Australia.  Starting from the accommodation, rights to work administration, employment, and guidance on all the ‘hot’ Aussie travel destinations are provided through the Bower Healthcare’s Working Holiday Package.  

What is included in the Bower Healthcare Working Holiday Package?

The package includes the following benefits for the backpacker;

  • Bower healthcare agency consultation and pre-departure interview via Skype
  • Assistance for APRHA registration
  • 5 Night accommodation
  • Airport pick-up
  • Bank account set up
  • Tax file number (you must be in Australia to apply for this)
  • Orientation consultation
  • Agency meet & greet
  • Guaranteed number of shifts
  • 2 days surf camp or equivalent adventure tour
  • Blue Mountains day tour / Reef trip / Fraser Island tour (depending on the state)
  • Private accommodation / flat share accommodation / apartment rentals

What is the “Work 4 Perks” Scheme?

There is so much to see and do in Australia!  What can help you more than the “Work 4 Perks” Scheme of Bower Healthcare?  This scheme adds points for every shift that you have worked and these points can be redeemed at tours and accommodation around Australia as a way of increasing your travel fund.

To qualify from this package you must meet the following criteria;

Be eligible for an Australian Working Holiday Visa or other relevant work visas for Australia.

Be a registered nurse.  Registered nurses must get provisional approval for registration with AHPRA.

Possess a minimum of 12 months of post-graduate clinical experience.


  • Be an experienced healthcare worker, eligible to work as an Assistant in Nursing or Community Support Worker position.

Qualifications to work as a Health Professional

  • Tertiary-level degree, diploma or certificate by a recognized educational institution 
  • Proficiency in English 
  • One year experience in your professional field 
  • Clean record with no current/past disciplinary actions or criminal convictions

Qualifications and experience gained in the UK, Western Europe, New Zealand, South Africa and North America are preferred over others.For further details click here:

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