Backpacker Hospitality Jobs in Melbourne Australia

Backpacker Hospitality Jobs in Melbourne Australia

If you are backpacking around Melbourne, having a job will most certainly help you plenty. Best part about this city is that you find a plethora of options when it comes to backpackers and the hospitality world is without a doubt one of the best places to explore.

Types of Hospitality Jobs

Hospitality is a very popular area in Melbourne and there is plenty of opportunity available in this sector. You can work as a waiter/waitress, chef/cook, kitchen hand, sandwich hand, barista, bartender, concierge or delivery driver, receptionist, housekeeper etc. It is also very popular to babysit or Au pair and if you like children, this is very rewarding . 


These jobs are quite well-paid and range from $20 to $25 per hour. The minimum wage is currently $18.93 per hour. Keep in mind that it is common for employers to try and exploit their employees even though it is illegal to do this. So make sure that you are given what is legally due and nothing less.

Requirements to get a Hospitality Job

In Australia it is compulsory that you have a certificate for jobs in which you serve alcohol. The RSA certificate can be obtained by completing a day of training and it costs about $100 to get a certificate. The price however varies from state to state. 

Training Courses

It is quite common in Australia to do courses to get a job in a cafe or pub. Barista courses for example are pretty popular, and will give you not just more opportunities but plenty of confidence as well! 

Getting a Hospitality Job in Australia

The best way to get a job in hospitality is walking around with copies of your resume.  Many restaurants and bars have signs on their windows or doors saying they’re looking. Make sure that you ask for the manager or owner and have a face to face conversation with the person responsible for hiring. This significantly increases your chances of landing the job. 

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