Backpacker Hospitality Trade Jobs in Melbourne Australia

Backpacker Hospitality Trade Jobs in Melbourne Australia

Cities like Melbourne employ a large number of backpackers in, bars, pubs, hotels, and restaurants.  There is a great demand for hospitality jobs among backpackers, it is advisable to arrive well ahead of the summer season when the recruitment needs are the most.

Hospitality Jobs Available for Backpackers 

Job opportunities available for backpackers in Melbourne are as follows;

  • Waiter
  • Chef/Cook
  • Kitchen hand 
  • Sandwich hand 
  • Barista 
  • Bartender
  • Concierge 
  • Delivery driver 
  • Receptionist 
  • Housekeeper


Casual hospitality trade jobs are paid well, from AUS $ 20 to AUS $ 25 per hour.  They get paid even more at the weekends.  The minimum wage is currently AUS $ 18.93 per hour.  

Methods of Finding Hospitality Trade Jobs in Melbourne

  • Meeting Prospective Employers 

Many restaurants and bars have sights to say that they are hiring casual staff.  Walk around with a good copy of your resume and get a meeting with the prospective employer.

  • Employment websites

Regularly go through employment websites and apply for those positions.

  • Employment Agencies 

Employment agencies operate in large towns.  Usually, they require you to register in their database and provide a CV as well as regularly check with them.

Requirements for Getting a Hospitality Trade Jobs

You need an RSA Certificate in Australia to be employed for jobs in which you serve alcohol.  Each state has its own legislation regarding the RSA Certificate.  Therefore your RSA Certificate may only be valid in the state where it was obtained.  This certificate can be obtained by completing a day of training in a classroom or online.  It costs AUS $ 100 to get your RSA Certificate.

  • Training

It is commonly expected by your Australian employers in a café or pub, that you should have followed a Barista course.  Expect to be interviewed and suggested a trial before being employed in the hospitality trade.

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