Best Backpacker Pubs in Melbourne Australia

Backpacker Pubs in Melbourne Australia

Melbourne has lots of exciting backpacker’s pubs. Below are some of the most popular names in the list;

Turf Bar

This sophisticated pub has a traditional touch to it making it one of the best places in Melbourne to catch up on all the live sport. The atmosphere is warm and bustling and the food and beverage menu perfectly complements this. The bar has a plethora of screens and no matter how much time you spend here you will barely notice it pass.

PJ O’Briens

If there is one place that steals the limelight when it comes to pubs, it probably is PJ O’Briens. A great spot to unwind and experience the best of the brewery, this place is highly popular among locals and tourists alike. Whatever the day in the calendar, it is likely that you have an eventful night here.  There is live music and live sports played nearly every night of the week and if you browse through their website you will find a couple of interesting events scheduled as well.

Mustang Bar

Now this is a favourite spot for music lovers from all over the city. With a mosaic of artists from the USA and other parts of Australia, the Mustang Bar is perfect for all those who are looking to groove to their favourite tunes. To top this there is also an array of interesting events at the Mustang bar featuring performances, food and competitions.

Sherlock Holmes

The British pubs in Melbourne are very popular among those looking to unwind. Sherlock Holmes in particular is a favourite for the ambience is just right and the food is even better! Located around Collins Street in Melbourne City, this pub is known for the exciting events that are hosted every now and then.

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