Bass-wobbler Doctor P


DoctorPAttention dubstep fans, The UK’s premier bass-wobbler Doctor P (The man behind the still-mind-blowing Sweet Shop and his own dubbed-out imprint Circus Recordings) will land in Australia for the first time this week! BBM caught up with the man himself to discuss his career and the tour.
For such a young man, you have already had a huge amount of success in your career… What have been the highlights so far?  
Playing the main room at Ministry of Sound in London was pretty exciting; I never expected to do that! When I was first getting into DJ’ing and producing my ambition was basically to get something released at some point and to DJ in a nightclub, so I’ve far outdone my original ambitions! Getting to perform to crowded rooms is a constant pleasure.
As a 14 year-old boy just starting to realize your passion for  music, could you ever have imagined just how far it would  take you?
I think most teenagers imagine becoming famous musicians or DJ’s. I never really thought about it in that way; I just really wanted to learn and become skillful. I don’t really think of myself as an expert producer or famous DJ; I still watch tutorial videos on youtube and search out new skills for the sake of learning.
Where has been your favourite place to perform so far?
I get asked that question a lot, but it’s difficult to say. belgium is one of my favourite countries to play, as the crowds there are so into the music it’s ridiculous. manchester in the uk is always really good. I’ve still got most of the world yet to visit, so i cant say where is really best.
You  seem to do a bit of everything, from being  a solo artist to working as part of the group ‘Slum Dogz’, as well as  producing and also creating Circus Records with Swan-E & Flux Pavilion…   With so much going on, do you ever find any time just to relax?  
Doing all this music stuff was my way to relax when I was working or at university. So it’s quite strange now that music has become my every-day life. I don’t really see it as work, so I don’t really feel the need to relax most of the time.

If anything, I think I’d like to do more work, instead of being stuck in the car or on planes on the way to gigs! I have developed an amateur interest in philosophy and quantum mechanics, which some people find quite surprising. Me, Flux and Swan-E are all fascinated by that stuff, and end up in some pretty in-depth discussions. We tend to avoid talking about music as much as possible.
How do you manage to keep up to date with musical trends?  
I don’t watch TV or listen to the radio so I’ve always been the last person to hear about popular music and current trends. I’m about as out-of-touch with popular culture as it’s possible to be. Swan-E thinks that’s part of the reason for my success… instead of chasing what’s current I just do whatever I feel. I didn’t even realise the world cup was happening for a couple of weeks!

What are you looking forward to getting up to  in your down time here in  Australia?  
I will spend most of the trip jet-lagged, so I don’t think I’ll manage to do much for the first week or so. Skism is out there at the same time, and he’s promised to give me a crash course in logic, as I have just got it, and I’ve never used it before. I just spent 10 days in Canada, and there was hardly any opportunity for sight-seeing or chilling out. My memory of the week is a blur of hotels and airports. I imagine Australia will be much the same unfortunately.