BBM App Of The Week: Photo Tagger and New Age Recognising Web Tool

We’re all so busy these days that tagging friends in Facebook photos has been put on the backburner. But the Photo Tagger app has come to give us a helping hand. This app is from, a technology company focusing on facial recognition software. The app can group and identify the faces in an album of photos and suggest tags. You can quickly confirm (or correct) the suggestions, and tag whole albums in a fraction of the time it takes using the normal and laborious tagging methods. builds facial recognition software that is not only accurate, but also works efficiently at web-scale. Their facial recognition app is able to identify faces well even if there is poor lighting, poor focus, subjects wearing eyeglasses, facial hair, and even fancy dress costumes. Face recognition is no longer just for the government or only seen in the movies -you can use it yourself in all kinds of ways, from tagging photos to social networking.

Note: this is not a stalking tool; you cannot and should not use to search non-friends.

We at BBM have heard a rumour that have another app in the pipeline where your age and other attributes can be concluded from just a photo of you. So moving onto’s developing age recognition API (which stands for application-programming interface and is a set of programming instructions) or web tool from There are thousands of developers building up this web tool into a final app that could appear on your phones shortly. This trial phase web tool can detect your estimated age, your mood, gender and even if you are smiling.

The web tool is pretty accurate, but can go severely wrong with images of people pulling stupid faces or posing in the wrong light.

It may well be an end to underage boozing and fake IDs as bouncers and bartenders can whip out their camera phone and snap a pic of you to determine your age. And if we’re going by the trial web tool where the confidence or percentages after each attribute shows how sure’s face rec tech is about each number or characteristic, entry to clubs will be a whole lot more difficult to get into.

The app could possibly mean advertisers can target their age groups more accurately and with the combination of knowing your likes and age from social media like Facebook, you could be flooded with content that is scarily related to you from all this information.

Face rec tech – keep your eyes peeled for the latest age recognition app. Try it for yourself by clicking HERE. Just upload a photo of yourself OR paste a URL and click call method. It can be fun but be warned it could be embarrassing too if it says your age or even gender completely wrong!

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By Yasmin Yip