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    Okay you need a laugh…who doesn’t!
    BBM best jokes is here to save the day. Have a good ole chuckle at the best of our jokes and the jokes our readers have sent in each week. Plenty of one liners, comedians best jokes, funny stories, blonde jokes and hilarious videos. 


    Ashes Jokes & Banter Specials

    Bramy Army Cricket Fans

    As the Ashes Tournament draws ever closer, the team at have started preparing for some good old fashioned Aussie bashing banter. Now we all know deep down that that the Matildas will be putting up a solid challenge so ...

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    Best Bad Taste July Jokes

    caretaker sex romp

    In the German parliament yesterday Angela Merkel voted AGAINST same sex marriage. Which is ironic considering she looks like a lesbian. Matt, Paddington I’m starting to get self-conscious about my body odour. On my last two dates, the woman has ...

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    Top June Jokes

    A guy in a supermarket goes up to the cashier and places two cans of dog food on the counter. The cashier asks, “Do you have a dog sir?” “Yes, it’s at home,” replies the man. “To be able to ...

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    7 Best Jokes This May

    Two old women were sitting on a park bench. A man wearing a trench coat walks up and flashes them. One of the old women immediately had a stroke. The other old woman couldn’t reach. Evie, Melbourne A little boy ...

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    Bad Taste Easter Jokes

    bad taste easter jokes

    Easter is just around the corner, so here are our best bad taste Easter jokes to get you in the mood for the best time of year… BANK HOLIDAY SEASON. Why does the Easter Bunny hide Easter eggs? He doesn’t ...

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    Even More Trump Jokes

    best Donald Trump jokes

      When will the madness end? Do the American people realise they have the power to get Trump fired? Who knows… all we know is that whilst the Orange bufoon is in power, he’s a great source of humour, so ...

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    Sick Jokes

    dolphin laugh

    Whether you try to deny it or not, everybody loves sick jokes so here’s our round up of the best jokes sent into us this month. Got some sick jokes of your own? Email them to us at Apart ...

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