Beer Facts That Makes It a Timeless Drink

Beer Facts That Makes It a Timeless Drink

Beer. The beer is delicious. Beer is precious. Beer is one of those pleasantly crisp and bold drinks that you end up taking for granted the more you drink it. Think about it: how would one even come up with this golden elixir of light? There are so many details to beer that go unnoticed. From the dime-a-dozen corner store brews to the highbrow “craft” ones, every beer has a story to tell. There is no “superior” beer. From Alaska to Australia, they’re all wonderful in their world and their context. So with that, here are some beer facts that make it the most timeless and fun drink in history. 

The Bavarians 

The form of beer that we enjoy now is from the traditions passed down from the Bavarian Friars. Yes, you heard that right. German priests are responsible for Beerfest shenanigans. Their process of making ale directly influences how we make beer in Australia to this day. You can even see it in today’s breweries. If you’re trying to catch a glimpse of modern and ancient brewing techniques, we highly recommend visiting these breweries in Margaret River. They’re gorgeous, for one. They’re a great time. They also keep to some of the oldest Western traditions of beer making. 

Ancient Beer!

Beer has been around for ages. It’s one of the oldest drinks in history. The first record of brewing beer comes from China over 7000 BCE. The process was a bit different, but it was beer. Then it popped up again around 3,500 BCE in Mesopotamia in the Godin Tepe region. You see it again in ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome—all of them imbibing and enjoying the same elixir you do today. Some regarded it as for the kings. But others, like the Romans, saw it as a low-class drink for the barbarians on the outskirts of the empire. But no matter what, it’s been downed throughout the ages. 

Patron Saint of Ale 

There’s a saint for everything. There is a saint for Television. There is a saint for stray animals. You best believe there’s a patron saint for beer. His name was St. Arnold of Soissons, and his miracle was awesome. During his time, he recommended drinking beer instead of water. Why? Cholera! St. Arnold of Soissons guided his followers to his Alehouse behind the church and advised them to only drink his ale. They all survived. Granted, making Ale demands that you boil the water first. The best bacterial treatment plan, ever. In another story, St. Arnold was trapped in a snowstorm with his fellow monks. All they had was a single jug of Ale. It was only enough to last a day or two and they had a week’s worth of travels to go. Under St. Arnold’s prayers, they never went dry and they all made it to their destination.

Beer Facts That Makes It a Timeless Drink

Beer is full of fun and history. Whenever you crack open your favorite beer, know that a barbarian in the outskirts of the Roman Empire enjoyed the same brew. Know that the followers of Anubis in Ancient Egypt drank the same brew. You are a part of history. If you want to experience it firsthand, go to your local brewery. They’re full of interesting ad-friendly people willing to answer all of your questions.