Best Budget-Planning Apps 2023

Budget-Planning Apps

Tracking your expenses and staying within your budget can be tricky. As such, creating a budget could help you manage your money and improve your finances. One way to do it and stay within your budget is to use a budgeting app.

Budget-planning apps help you analyze your income and expenses so you’ve got total control over your finances. These apps can connect to your credit cards and bank accounts to automatically categorize your spending and download transactions to match your chosen budget.

Like the average Android casino app, the following top budget-planning apps are free or affordable, easy to connect with your accounts, and easy to use. Moreover, they come with features that can fit your budgeting style.

Rocket Money

As arguably the best budget-planning app on this list, Rocket Money actually highlights ways to cut down your spending in a typical monthly budget. This app runs all your subscriptions to help you easily decide what subscriptions to cancel.

Rocket Money lets you know the due date of upcoming bills so you can make plans in advance. Moreover, the app’s helpful spending tracker helps you see what aspects of your lifestyle you can cut down on spending.

Bill negotiation is one of the most amazing features of Rocket Money. For a fee, this app can negotiate bills on your behalf by uncovering hidden promo rates or discounts so you can have a reduced monthly rate for whatever bill you’re paying.

While Rocket Money is free to use if you just want to plan a budget, the app’s Premium suite costs money. You can select any of the plans from $3 to $12 monthly and access features like credit reports, smart savings accounts, custom categories, etc.

You can also cancel your premium subscription at any time.


Zeta is a budget-planning app that’s specifically designed for families and couples who want to keep track of their expenses together. This app is perfect for families and couples who want to combine their finances. It offers several helpful features, making it ideal for budgeting with your family members.

It offers both joint and personal accounts that let you track shared expenses, save for goals, and pay bills, and even has an in-app messaging feature that lets you communicate with your spouse or other family members about your household budget.

Zeta also offers data encryption and two-factor authentication to provide extra protection for your data and has a rating of 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store.


Mint is a free budgeting app that helps track your expenses and puts them in multiple categories, which you can personalize. You can also set limits for each category, and the app will alert you when you’re nearing those limits.

Apart from budget features, Mint can also help users track goals through the “Mintsights” feature, save more money, and pay off debt. It syncs multiple types of accounts: credit cards, checking and savings, investments, loans, and bills. The app also displays users’ net worth and credit score.

As a bonus, Mint provides lots of support about how to use the app and an in-depth FAQs section. On the minus side, Mint may not be the answer if you want to be more hands-on with your budget.

If you want an app where you can plan in advance for your money instead of tracking it after receiving it, other apps on this list may be a better option.


Goodbudget makes the process of creating a build less daunting if you’re doing so for the first time. It uses “the envelope” budgeting strategy, a decades-old financial plan that urges you to divide your income into individual categories or envelopes. You can have envelopes for bills, gas, rent, groceries, savings, and non-essential purchases.

If you love visualizing your money in different compartments or envelopes, Goodbudget lets you implement this strategy digitally. You can select envelopes from a set of predetermined goals and put cash into them monthly.

With the free plan, you can select from 10 predesigned envelopes–there’s no option to create your own. The paid Plus version will let you create countless envelopes for an $8 monthly fee. 


Formerly called Personal Capital, Empower is an app that allows you to centralize your financial accounts on its useful dashboard. From this dashboard, you can keep track of your current investments, retirement savings, and net worth.

Empower is a free app, and what makes it stand out is its retirement and investment planning tools. You can take a sneak peek at your portfolio and how it stacks up against other people’s portfolios and recommended asset allocations depending on your designated retirement date.

With Empower, you can also save cash on investments by finding hidden fees. The app is rated 4.3 stars on the Google Play Store and 4.7 stars on the App Store. 

The Bottom Line

If you always find yourself perplexed by where your money goes, it may be a good idea to download a budget-planning app. Whether you have an Android or iPhone device, the apps above are great options to consider.

When looking for budget apps online, go for one that’s easy to use, offers a range of tools, can sync with all your external financial accounts, and is affordable.