Best Natural Landscapes to Visit in Europe

Best Natural Landscapes to Visit in Europe

The European continent has landscapes that can compete with the best in the world. Renowned for its cultural heritage this landmass also has beautiful evidence of a rich geographical history. Events that are continually happening have led to a very scenic Europe. A continent that has plains, elevations and low lands. Wetlands that have been built by interaction between rock formations and water.

Even the activities of resident wild life has contributed to the some of the amazing formations. A top example of this is are the coral reef that are dotted along the coastlines. The wildlife cannot be left out as part of scenic Europe. There are several wild parks on the continent. Most of these nature reserves have rare species of plants and animals. All in the midst of large abundant and diverse flora and fauna.

There are many other great places with fabulous views. The coastal areas of Europe have more to offer than great museums. They have spots with beautiful coral reefs and others which are great for whale watching.

Below are listed some of the best natural landscapes in Europe you can visit. However, also look at the exchange rate before visiting these places. The List is not in any particular order.

  1. Ecrins National Park in France. The Park covers an extensive part of Massif des Ecrins. This has earned it the title of “European Park of the mountain”. The Council for Europe gave that title to the park in the French Alps.
  2. Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. Although at a significantly lower altitude this natural water feature will blow your mind away. That is not an exaggeration. Unique rock forming processes and water erosion led to some fantastic features.
  3. Montenegro’s Durmitor. This nature reserve has some one of the largest spectrum of biodiversity. This is because of the park has altitude extremes. There is the Canyon of Tara and the Dinara Mountains. Montenegro is a safe country to visit, and crime rate is very low. However, just like most countries, petty theft happens in areas mostly visited by tourists especially SA traders who have money.
  4. Finland’s Tiaga. This is one of those places that offers a top wild life experience in the world. Visitors get to see the best of European wildlife. There are also some rare and endangered animal species.