Best Surfing Locations In Australia

Best Surfing Locations In Australia

A Taste of Local Paradise – Sydney’s Northern Beaches

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surfer2Best surfing locations in Australia. Everyone has to start Surfing at the wobbly beginning, and what better place to start than the clear waters of Australia. No matter where you are around the coast, there are plenty of schools who will guide you through it, and perfect places to hit those waves.

Perfect places to hit those waves

When you’re planning a surfing holiday, you usually want to look at places that offer you the most in terms of surfing opportunities. It can be hard, however, to choose just one destination when you’re overwhelmed with so many options, some useful sites like can help you decide since they present a full view of what to expect from the destination you’re considering, what it offers, and how much it will cost you. Having such a close, inside-view will help you make a decision quicker than if you were just looking at surfing destinations without knowing exactly what to expect!

Whether you want to take surfing up as a hobby, or be a little more serious about the sport, surfing seems to have an addictive effect on many who grab a board and take to the waves. Becoming more than a hobby, for most it becomes a way of life. A quick escape from the city life, no phones, no hustle, no bustle, no stress – just you, the sunshine and the surf.

The huge numbers of both jellyfish and crocodiles around the North of Australia does put a dampener on the accessibility of where you can surf, so stick to where you know you will be safe and have a chat with instructors before booking your lessons and getting stuck in. Safety when you are out at sea is crucial at all times, which is exactly why there are ample surf schools all over the coastline waiting to give you the experiences of a lifetime.

It’s you and the board against the world 

Imagine hitting the gym, without dreading the sweaty claustrophobic air and the muscles over in the corner staring you out. It’s just you and the board against the world.

You will start on very large foam board, making it easier to stand and balance on the smaller waves. You do need to have some level of fitness as you paddle out to the waves before surfing back into the sands. You’ll be eyeing up the cooler boards on the beach but remember ‘one step at a time’ and you will seriously appreciate the larger boards as they aid your stance. Just take your time and allow the waves to carry you back to the beach.

Surfing Great Ocean Road, Victoria

The Great Ocean Road and its surrounding region have some of the world surfing professionals’ favourite surf spots. Breath-taking views as the walls of the coast fall to the sands and waters creating a beautifully natural amphitheatre for the annual Rip Curl Pro event. Internationally renowned Bells Beach is the host of the Association of Surfing Professionals world tour. If you are looking to learn from the beginning or to extend your knowledge and experience some time out on the surf, why not do it at the birthplace of the surf culture. Torquay, home of Bells Beach along the G.O.R creates a haven for beginners and experts alike. BBM recommends the Great Ocean Road Surf Tours who create the perfect trips for you and your mates at cost effective prices to really gain some useful experience on your board- with free drop off and pick up from Melbourne and trips from one day to a 10-day break, this company doesn’t miss a thing. Best surfing locations in Australia.

The Gold Coast, Queensland

The Gold Coast in the The south east of Queensland, is made up of 70km of beaches and four epic point breaks (The Spit, Main Beach, Narrowneck, Palm Beach and Mermaid Beach) creating a paradise for the surfer (Hence the name Surfer Paradise… clever isn’t it?). With a subtropical climate and easy rolling swells for the beginner surfers out there, the Gold Coast is extremely popular with tourists. There are also spots that would challenge the most avid surfer. One of the best ways to experience Australia is finding East Coast Australia Tours, amongst the best picks are undoubtedly Fraser Island 4WD Tours and the endless excitement on all of the Fraser Island Adventure Tours.This is the ultimate addition to any surfing adventure.

Eastern & The Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW

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Tucked away along the coasts of New South Wales, everyone knows and loves the World famous Bondi and Manly beaches. Most people have seen TV show Bondi Rescue and it is always a wonder what goes down in these parts, but hopefully you won’t be starring in the next episode. However what we will say is the waves really are as great as they appear on screen.

There is a huge selection of surf schools on the Sydney beaches, particularly the famous Bondi. Head to the Northern Beaches for a slightly more chilled out vibe. Great surfing competitions are held here on the numerous beaches all year round and in particular the famous Australian Open Of Surfing which will be next held in Feb 2013.

Margaret River Beaches, Western Australia

The Margaret River Beaches along the beautifully ambient West Coast screams surf as you approach the winding roads flowing down to the sands. The landscapes truly are awe-inspiring and the waters create swirls – making it perfect for the more advanced boardies. If you are looking to start your surf life here, perhaps heading closer to Perth will be more welcoming for the first few attempts whilst you find your balance. The waters here are always reliable due to the thousands of kilometres of uninterrupted ocean found between Australia and Africa. However, the water conditions can change dramatically in the blink of an eye. The district of Margaret River is very fashionable and the surfing here is prominent within the culture of the people – venture down to Margaret River and you will be hooked from the start. Best surfing locations in Australia.

Best Surfing Locations In Australia

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