Boating in Australia is Going to be Big in 2022

Boating in Australia is Going to be Big

Anyone who is planning to work and travel across Australia is probably aware that there are a lot of activities to partake in. Snorkeling, diving, surfing, swimming in the blue waters. In fact, a lot of the best outdoor activities in Oz revolve around open water.

One of the must-do activities in Australia is to go island hopping between the Whitsunday Islands. Sailing is a great pastime, but there are other forms of boating available in Australia, and they are all getting more popular.

It might be that boating is going to be the next big trend, and it is something that everyone can get involved in, to different degrees. Sailing clubs exist for people who don’t even own a vessel, so boating is more accessible than before. 

What Type of Boats Are Popular in Australia?

It has been said that more people are investing in a boat and an outboard motor than ever before. Australia has the Abrolhos, the Murray River, the Whitsundays, and Sydney Harbor, to name just a few spots a boat can be enjoyed.

The most popular type of boat ownership revolves around rowboats, canoes, and dinghies. This may be because they are the most accessible price-wise, and in the case of row boats and dinghies, also convenient for lakes and fishing.

The next biggest group belongs to motorboats and speedboats. The appeal of a motorboat around the Great Barrier Reef should be clear to most people. The next most popular types of boats are yachts and sailboats. 

Why Is Boating in Australia Going to Be Big in 2022?

According to the RAC, there were record numbers of boats sold in 2020

This was largely due to border controls giving less freedom to travel. Domestic holidays and activities close to home became more popular. However, as restrictions ease, this trend has continued.

Perhaps the pandemic’s travel restrictions once again reminded people of how much beauty was on their doorstep. It may also be that a hobby that seemed the reserve of the wealthy has opened up now. 

Can Anyone Get Involved Then?

Motorboats and speedboats are clearly a lot of fun, but there are entry-level ways to get into boating. Dinghies and rowboats offer a cheaper alternative, especially with the second-hand market.

Alternatively, kayaking is another option. There are clubs that anyone can join for rowing or sailing. This negates the need to purchase a vessel, at least in the interim.

Licenses are not difficult to obtain, although the cost of them varies between different territories and states. Some vessels require no licensing, and some do. There will be age limits on operators for different types of boats to consider also. 

Can You Go Anywhere in Australia on a Motorboat?

Although a fully blown speedboat may be out of most people’s reach, motorboats are a more affordable option.

However, before you start traveling on your boat, you will need to understand the state licensing laws. For instance, South Australia allows licenses from other states to be used for up to 90 days. You should be aware of your licensing requirements before setting off.

However, once that is sorted out, there are some great spots to visit. One other consideration will be local rules on the type of boating you are allowed to partake in. Some areas of natural beauty may have restrictions on motorboat use. Motorboating can be an environmentally friendly activity but some care needs to be taken. 

How to Get Started With Boating

Working within your budget will decide partly what type of boat you can get. If you are keen to try motorboating, then look for a four-stroke outboard.

Four-stroke outboard motors are more efficient with their fuel than a two-stroke. And modern versions are quieter, thus reducing noise pollution. Visiting a Yamaha outboards dealer will give you plenty of choices for four-stroke motors.

Alternatively, try one of the other boating options. Australia’s waters offer so many options when it comes to water sports. Kayaking the Ngaro Sea Trail is sure to be an incredible experience. Or, look at acquiring a second hand dinghy and just enjoying leisurely afternoons on a nearby lake. 


Australia is renowned for its great weather, stunning scenery, and its multitude of water sports. Boating is definitely something that anyone visiting Oz should consider. Saling, yachting, jet-skiing, motorboats can be used in many beautiful settings. Jet boating is one of the things to do on the Gold Coast also. The choices are almost endless.

With the pandemic still causing travel restrictions, and flights being canceled, enjoying what Australia has to offer makes more sense than ever. Millions of people seem to think that boating is one of the best ways to do this.

However, remember to look after the environment when motorboating. Australia’s natural beauty should be enjoyed, but it also needs to be preserved