Bob Sinclar

Bob Sinclar

Bob SinclarBOB Sinclar, DJ known worldwide, the star of clubs all over the planet and the soundtrack to many of your nights out, is still incredibly humble and appreciative of the success songs such as Love Generation and Rock This Party have given him.

He’ll be in Sydney for the Pacha New Years Eve at the Ivy alongside Basement Jaxx. BEN HARLUM caught up with Bob during a rare day off in France.

You must be excited to be visiting Sydney on New Years Eve, the best time to come down?
Yes, the first time I came to Australia was in 2001 and of course you don’t expect people to know your music when you travel so far away, so I was really surprised. I’ve met some very warm people there and I love your warm country – especially Bondi Beach.

When a track like Love Generation is such a smash here in Australia, does that get back to you at home?
Oh for sure, especially at the peak of the internet and YouTube four years ago, when I did Love Generation and World Hold On.

You can see this incredible live video of me at Summadayze on my YouTube video, I had an amazing response and it’s huge for me to see these tracks touching an audience so deeply.

When you’re doing a show like Pacha on NYE where you’re sharing the stage with other acts, is there a different vibe for you?
I remember in 2006 I shared the stage with Basement Jaxx. Usually it’s the DJ who goes on first at these gigs, but I was made the main act! So I felt very proud when the crowd were all singing my songs.

For me, it doesn’t matter if I’m sharing the stage with anybody else because it’s all about the energy the music is giving out.

What’s your reaction when one of your songs is played in a taxi or supermarket?
I’m always surprised when I hear my music in a situation where I don’t expect it to be played, especially when I’m doing my shopping in a supermarket. It makes me happy, believe me, I’m not tired of hearing my music.

A lot of your music videos create a lot of buzz for your tracks, do you have a lot of control over those videos?
Since the beginning, I’ve controlled everything to do with the direction of the video – music wise and image wise. I work a lot with a director here in France, it starts with an idea I have and we go from there.

All your music videos have a wink and a nod, is it important for you to have that sense of humour?
Yes, very important! It’s always important to show to the people that I’m having fun and I’m not taking myself seriously – the name Bob Sinclar comes from the film Le Magnifique which is a very funny film with a French James Bond.

Bob will be playing Pacha NYE at the Ivy with Basement Jaxx.

New Years Eve 2010 from 6pm
The Ivy, Sydney
Tickets from $150
Visit for more information and tickets.