Boiler Room Joins Pitch Music & Arts

Pitch Music & Arts have just announced that international Boiler Room Institution will be live streaming at the upcoming 4-day festival.

Boiler Room which has an international reputation for streaming some of the biggest artists across the globe will bring Pitch Music & Arts to international heights, a collaboration that goes hand in hand with a cutting-edge forward-thinking aesthetic that both Pitch and Boiler Room maintains.

With over 50 local and international artists featuring on the 2019 lineup, the lucky names who will feature in the Boiler Room collaboration being Optimo, Andy Garvey, Merve, Toni Yotzi, and Roman Flügel. These artists who delve into various complimentary genres of dance music, will act as the perfect candidates to bring Pitch Music & Arts to the global stage catch the stream on Friday the 8th of March from 7:30pm – 12:30am.

Check out the full Pitch Music & Arts Lineup and grab tickets here.