With his new album Half Light set for release June 12th via Akira Records, Bristol-based Henry Green is sharing another glimpse of the upcoming record with new single ‘Fabric’ – listen HERE.

Speaking about the track, Henry said “I wanted to write about the need to speak openly, to embrace the vulnerability that honest words can bring. Fabric’ is about that reluctance to expose ourselves, and to give every part of us to those who we consider closest. I love that visual of water soaking through layers of fabric, raw and honest words breaking through barriers we build to protect ourselves. This track was slightly different to most of mine in that it was written purely acoustically, no obvious production style became apparent straight away. I decided to keep the track super intimate, resisting the temptation to build up the arrangement and put too many different production elements in.”

Having left Bristol in early 2019 to settle down in a sleepy Wiltshire village, the electronic artist and producer wrote and recorded the album in his attic studio in six months. Reflecting on the experience today, the 24-year-old cites the decision to take on all production duties himself as just one of many causes of stress. “I’ve always produced my own stuff to some extent, but I took it too far the other way. And when you spend so much time on your own and have these two conflicting sides in your head, it’s just a constant battle. And then you have these sobering moments when you realise that people are actually listening to your music…”

 Following the successes of his EPs Slow (2015) and Real (2017), and his debut album Shift (2018)he’s racked up 90 million collective streams, and has won the respect of his peers, including former tour-mates London Grammar and Nick Mulvey, and recent remixers Cyril Hahn and Harvey Causon. And yet, their faith is ultimately repaid with ‘Half Light’, a record that finds Green harnessing that initial crisis of confidence to create music that’s both emotionally honest and breaks new ground.

Henry Green‘s new single ‘Fabric‘ is out now, with the sophomore album ‘Half Light’ due for release on June 12th.