Can Canada’s Legal Cannabis Stores Compete With The Illegal Dealers?

Can Canada's Legal Cannabis Stores Compete With The Illegal Dealers

Canada is a country of vast wilderness, green forests as far as the eye can see and snow-covered terrain Canada is famous for many different reasons. Ice hockey (the national sport), maple syrup, the politeness of Canadians, and the wildlife amongst many reasons people choose to live there, and annually over 22 million people visit Canada. But Canada has become famous for another reason, legalizing cannabis. On the 17th of October 2018, Canada became the second country after Uruguay to not only decriminalize cannabis but make it legal, depending on the province 18-year-olds can now legally buy pot, edibles, and other paraphernalia.

The illegal cannabis industry has always been busy with some polls suggesting that anywhere between 25% and 35% report they are regular users or occasional users of cannabis. It’s a huge market that is now being legally supplied and taxed by the government, legal dispensaries are now open in all provinces of Canada including Alberta which allows 18 years olds to legally purchase cannabis from stores. To find a good and reliable dispensary in Lethbridge if you’re not sure where they are located just click the link.

Is There Much of a Price Difference?

Let’s be honest, everybody likes to get value for their money and a good deal, nobody likes to pay more than less, and the cannabis consumer is the same as anybody else. For year’s illegal cannabis has slowly been going down in price from around $6 to $7 per gram, this is in part due to the lack of regulation and being able to add other ingredients in. With no tax or safety protocols to follow the illegal trade can undercut the price of legal cannabis.

The price of legal cannabis, in contrast, has risen in recent years to a price of $10.30 per gram. Registered legal sellers have much higher costs of doing business, rent for the store, government tax, local tax, and employees’ salaries all have to be factored into the equation when pricing the products. Whilst the price may seem high you know exactly what you are getting when you purchase, the weight will be correct and the quality guaranteed. 

Legal Cannabis, Buy In-Person or Online?

With so many dispensaries opening-up all over Canada and especially in Alberta why shop online? To compete with online sales dispensaries need to make a visit to their store a memorable experience by providing great informative customer service and be able to compete price-wise with online retailers. Some people are a bit concerned that by going to a physical store they may be seen by friends, neighbors, or colleagues going to buy cannabis so prefer to purchase online and the anonymity it affords. One of the main advantages of buying in the store is you can get to see and smell the various products on offer in person rather than just looking at a web page. To find your local dispensary try the site, Canna Cabana.

Online sales have increased and due to their low cost of business have put some physical stores out of business in some towns and cities. The main priority for many people is the discretion of buying online and of course the price. This is great if you know what you want to buy and are familiar with the product but still, it doesn’t give you the same experience of shopping in an actual store. There have also been concerns raised as to the privacy of the financial transaction, credit card data is stored and may come back to haunt you at a later date.

The Growing Enthusiasm For Cannabis Edibles 

Since Canada legalized cannabis for recreational use edibles have become extremely popular. Many people who want to try cannabis whether for medicinal or recreational use for the first time are often reluctant to smoke it due to the ongoing concerns that smoking cannabis whilst nowhere nearly as bad as cigarettes still may cause damage to the lungs. This is where edible cannabis products come in, ingesting cannabis products cuts out the smoking process and still leaves you with desired effects. Here are some of the most popular ways to enjoy edibles.

  • Cookies are many people’s favorite and can be made in the same way as traditional cookies but with a twist.
  • Candy is an obvious way that you can consume cannabis and enjoy the taste.
  • Baked goods such as cakes or stews can be infused with cannabis and still give you a meal at the same time.
  • Soups are also a great way to introduce cannabis into your food, some countries in Southeast Asia cannabis is legal to grow in your garden for use in traditional soups despite their strict anti-drug laws.

It is worth noting that the same amount you can smoke doesn’t translate to the same amount you should ingest due to the time it takes to be absorbed and the effects can last much longer than smoking. Also, be sure to store them safely away from children especially the cookies and candy.

How Much is The Legal Canadian Cannabis Industry Worth?

It is mixed numbers for the Canadian cannabis industry with varying ranges but all point to an upward trend for year-on-year sales. Some estimates for 2021 include the figures of $2.5 billion and as high as $4 billion. For the 1st time in the third quarter of 2020, it was reported that legal sales overtook illegal sales for the first time, although this cannot be confirmed due to the nature of the illegal business.

It has been estimated that the medical and recreational cannabis industry could be worth as much as $9 billion by 2025 but many industry projections fall short of this figure and place it lower in the $5 billion range. Either way, it is a fast and exciting business to get involved in, with demand on the medical side increasing and being more accepted by mainstream medical institutions across Canada and recreational uses alike the profits will surely only keep on rising.

There are Different Regulations for Different Provinces 

Each province of Canada has different regulations regarding the legal sales of cannabis but all must still follow federal government laws regarding the advertising and packaging of their products. For example, packaging can only come in one color and not have any graphics other than the company’s logo and government health warning on them. The manufacturer cannot advertise on TV, radio, billboards, magazines, or sponsor sporting people or sporting events.

Each province can set the legal age at which cannabis products can be bought and the amount at any given time by anybody regardless of age. Cannabis use in some provinces can only be used in homes legally if children are not present for more than 12 hours a day depending on where you live. Growing up to 4 plants for personal use on your property is permitted except in Quebec and Manitoba which still will not allow homegrown.


Canada is helping to change other countries’ attitudes towards legal cannabis sales and the method by which it is supplied and regulated, governments are finally beginning to see the benefits of regulating a market that millions of people all over the world use daily and the financial benefits.