Can online slot machines be combined with AR “piggy bank” controllers”?

In 2022, when a person clicks on the link Slots lv login to begin the process of starting to play a game of slots, what goes on in the inner workings of the machine is a lot different than what went out 30 years ago when a person put a coin in a traditional slot machine to get a game of slots.

What happens when you put a coin in a old fashioned slot machine?

The first thing that happens when you put a  coin into an old fashioned slot  machine is that the coin has to be tested.  This is done with a mechanical device called a  coin tester.   The purpose of a coin tester is to reject defective and countereit coins before they can release their locking mechanism and release their product (in terms of a vending machine) or allow their game to be played, in terms of slot machine.

Every coin tester tests at least the thickness and the diameter of a coin.  That is why in the movie “Real Genius” slices of liquid nitrogen were able to be used as fake coins.

Further tests are related to weight, alloy, composition, and magnetic properties of the coin.  First, the coin is inserted into a slot that is just wide enough to accept coins.  This is different than the slot for coin counters and toll booths, which have huge areas to place coins.  Or the “slot” for coin donations where you put several coins in at the same time of different types and then watch as the coins “race” to the coin collection hole.  Cute way to get people to donate their coins to charity beyond pennies, because every child (and child at heart) loves the see the “race of the coins”.  But I am getting sidetracked …

Back to our coin tester … after the coin is place into the slot, it goes down to a shoot and lands in the weighing device.  The coin lands between two hooks.  If the coin’s diameter is too small, the coin falls through to the coin return area.  If the diameter is too large, it “gets stuck” and a person has to hit the coin return button, and then the coin is released into the coin return slot.

After the correct weight, thickness, and diameter are tested, the coin moves further down the line to get its magnetic properties tested.  If the coin has the correct alloy, the coin continues on its journey.  If it does not have the correct alloy, the coin is rejected.  For a rejected coin, the user presses the coin return button and the magnet is wiped and the coin can be rejected to the coin return slot.

Next the mass and speed of the coin will be tested.  If both of those properties are correct, the coin continues.  If not, it is rejected.  The mass is checked based on the size of the coin and the alloy of the coins.  The speed is tested by the magnetic field.  Only if the coin has the correct magnetic properties for the coin, will it fall at the correct speed.

The testing device is always placed on an incline sideways, so coins that do not pass the various tests will naturally fall correct into the reject / coin return area.

This is a very simplified version of a coin return slot, and given that most slot machines at an in person casino can use betting cards or credit cards and online slot machines are always credit accounts, this whole entire conversation is taking a trip down memory lane.

But I have to say, that there is something about when a person won the old fashioned slot machines and all of the coins just spit out … and then you see the person grabbing cups to collect the dropping coins, bells ringing, lights flashing, and other people watching in awe.

Can a person experience that with an on line slot machine?

What if they could?

What if an online slot machine game can give the experience of the traditional slot machines using AR technology?

AR technology is augmented reality.  “Augmented reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory and olfactory.”

AR Technology can be found in foreign language software like Mondly’s restaurant and hotel scenarios.  AR technology can also be seen in shooter game controls, the phone clips onto the toy gun and Bluetooth technology is used to interact with the phone software.

What about an AR online casino game that is a physical “piggy bank”?

Close your eyes and try to envision this.  You connect your phone to your “piggy bank” (that looks like a slot machine, except for the screen, which is where you place your phone.  You pull the physical handle on the slot machine “piggy bank”.  You get the sounds and other stuff of a slot machine game.  If you “win”, your “piggy bank” is opened and your coins come flying out.  So when you win, you get the “winning feeling” that one would get with traditional slot machines.

What is the benefit for the customer?  They never their coins, and their winnings are all their own money.  It is a “fun toy” (but for adults).  We don’t want to encourage gambling for children after all.

What is the benefit for online casino customers?  A lot of online gambling sites have “social gambling” versions of their game.  This is where a person plays a monthly subscription, and they get to play the online casino games, but they are only playing online with monopoly money.   So it is just another way to interact with this version of the online gambling products.

Would these AR “piggy banks” be worth online companies like investing in?

You would have to think about the type of people who would be interested in this AR version of a slot machine.  It would be a person who likes slot machines but does not want to really gamble with a slot machine.  So let’s think about it in a real life scenario …

A person is trying to save for a new living room furniture.  They enter into the online casino site that they are trying to save for new living room furniture, and how much they want to save/spend on their new living room furniture.  Let’s say it is $1000.

The casino companies then send out “bids” to different living room furniture companies.  So if a person wins, when they are “close” or above their target savings amount, they not only get their money to spit out (“their winnings”), but they also get “winnings” from the furniture companies.

This could be in the form of discount coupons (10%, 20%, or they really “hit the jackpot”, 50%).  Or it could be in the form of furniture upgrades, they get an extra armchair or a coffee table or side table.

It makes saving fun.