Can You Really Make a Claim for Medical Negligence?

Can You Really Make a Claim for Medical Negligence

One of the most well-known occasions when people know they can make a compensation claim for injuries and damages is in a car accident. It’s also fairly common knowledge that it’s possible to make a personal injury claim for an accident that occurred in a public place. Slip & fall incidents are one of the more common mishaps of this nature.

However, what happens if something goes wrong with a medical procedure? Or if your GP makes a misdiagnosis, leading you to take the wrong medicine, treatment or perhaps even no treatment at all? Can you file a compensation claim in these instances?

The answer is that in many cases, you can, and the very best way to determine if your medical professional was negligent is to consult with a medical negligence lawyer.

This type of lawyer specialises in medical negligence and compensation claims, so if you’ve suffered from an incidence of medical negligence, then it’s worth talking with an experienced lawyer in this field.

Some Examples of Medical Negligence

Let’s now take a brief look at just a few possible scenarios of medical negligence where you might seek to claim compensation. If you are misdiagnosed by your doctor or medical specialist, they will prescribe you with incorrect medications or treatment. This could lead to nasty side effects, along with the potential of your true condition worsening due to a lack of treatment.

Another example in a similar vein might be the failure to make any sort of diagnosis at all, which will also likely lead to your health deteriorating. There is also the potential of a serious condition not being brought to light, due to a lack of due diligence on the medical professional’s part.

Something you sometimes hear about on the news is the case of a surgical instrument being left inside a patient after an operation. It might be a pair of scissors or a sponge. Whatever the instrument, it’s a foreign object that’s bound to cause severe complications and possibly even prove fatal if it’s not rectified ASAP.

You might spend some time in the hospital for one condition, only to develop a completely different problem due to an infection incurred through a lack of hospital hygiene or poor procedures.

These are a few examples of possible medical negligence, but likely there are potentially hundreds of scenarios where negligence could occur.

Have You Suffered From Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence is usually exactly that – someone being negligent. It’s not often likely it’ll be a deliberate or vindictive act, but more a lack of concentration or due diligence. However, that doesn’t mean the negligent person is not liable and that you can’t claim compensation.

If you think you have a case, it’s wise not to go it alone. You’ll be taking on the insurance giants by yourself, and unless you’re an expert in medical negligence law, the insurance companies will have you for breakfast.

It’s definitely in your best interests to contact a lawyer who is a specialist in medical negligence law and compensation claims. This way, you’ll stand an excellent chance of having a successful outcome. A medical negligence lawyer knows just how to investigate the case of negligence, lodge the claim and expedite the process.

There’s no financial risk to you to contact one of these lawyers and here are two very good reasons to illustrate why. For starters, you’ll usually receive your first face to face meeting with them free of charge. This way, you get to discuss your case with no stress about having to pay for the meeting. When you’ve suffered an injury or illness, the last thing you need is the stress of lawyer fees on top of that.

You’ll also find that most of these lawyers will take your case on the “no win no fee” deal; meaning they’ll only ask for their fee once they win, and in the unlikely event that they don’t win, you owe them nothing.

It is a no-risk, win-win deal for the client, so you have nothing to lose by contacting a medical negligence lawyer.