Canada ETA: 5 Reasons to Visit Canada Soon

Reasons to Visit Canada Soon

Canada is one of the most incredible countries in North America. Find below the 5 reasons to travel to Canada soon.

First, you can see polar bears in their natural habitats. Canada is the land where the polar bear migration happens every year. These unique animals make their way from the land out to the ice in Hudson Bay, a site near Churchill in Northern Manitoba. Every fall, the small towns open to tourists and offer tours taking visitors in tundra buggies with caged windows. These structures allow close encounters with polar bears. There are more chances to spot them in October and November. 

Check out Vancouver Island for a relaxing day. It’s only a two-hour ferry ride from the mainland, but it seems like another world. Most people only stay in Victoria, BC’s capital city, but up to the north, you can have unique experiences, such as those offered on Vancouver Island. Nature lovers can use hiking trails and explore natural landscapes. There are even camping sites along the way. If you want more comfortable accommodation, check out the lodges and resorts inside the islands. Don’t miss the old-growth forests with giant trees. Some of these trees are more than 1,000 years old. Check out the ancient trees of Eden Grove in the Port Renfrew town. Go to Cathedral Grove, where you can have more fascinating views of these unique trees.

Visit one of the world’s premier dinosaur museums. The Royal Tyrrel is a fantastic site to learn about dinosaurs and how they ruled the world millions of years ago. Check the impressive displays of dinosaur fossils found near these lands. Thirteen galleries will take you back 3.9 billion years. Once you stand next to these giants, you will feel so small in this world. Aside from the indoor galleries, you can take your time to explore the hiking trails to learn more about these fascinating creatures. 

Head to the Bay of Fundy, where you can see amazing tides. Located in Eastern Canada between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, the site is perfect for a relaxing day out in nature. The variation between the high and low tides is the largest worldwide. It could go up to 19 meters. You can enjoy this natural wonder from anywhere in the bay. However, some cliffs and rock formations have the best views, such as Hopewell Cape, Fundy Trail Parkway, and Grand Manan Island. 

Victoria’s Inner Harbor must be on your list. It’s unique, the work done here to develop the waterfront area of Victoria. It’s the perfect place to shop, dine, stroll and enjoy the street performers. Visit the Empress Hotel, one of the most lovely buildings in Canada. It features a traditional high tea, a highlight you must experience. The summer months are the most ideal for a quick visit.

Now that you’re convinced Canada must be your next destination, confirm the travel documents you need to have a smooth entry. If you don’t need a visa to visit Canada, you will need the [Canada ETA]. This mandatory travel authorization will provide easy access to Canada. You only need to answer a few questions from an online form. **** experts will handle it from here. There is no need to leave home to start the process because you only require an internet connection. The Canada ETA is so easy to acquire. You will have it as soon as possible in your email inbox. Display it to airport officers at your arrival and enjoy Canada!

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