Celebrating Gin & Tonic Week at The Rook

Gin & Tonic At The Rook

The Rook, Sydney will be taking a week to pay homage to the great drink – the Gin & Tonic. Through the week at The Rook there will be a series of themed events that will see some of the best bartenders mixing a variety of G&Ts as well as a great collection of live music performances.

The start of the week at Juniper Society, Monday 7th April will set things off by bringing three of Sydney’s best bartenders to show off their skills by putting together their own contemporary twist on the timeless drink. The Beefeater 24 will be used by the bartenders when they give their rethink to the traditional approach.

Wednesday plays host to Gin & Tonic Day and to celebrate The Rook is throwing a party that will have $5 Tanquerays and there also will be many ‘copa’ style Tanqueray and Tonics flowing on arrival. Mixing the tunes on the deck will be Rainbow Chan, the Sydney artist will be playing a set of glitchy sounds with a blend of vintage tones layered between. The tone of the night will be set by a combination of London Dry Gin and some tasty Italian sorbet.

Friday brings the musical entertainment that will see  G-Vine, So Frenchy So Chic, and Daniel Clement from French Mafia. So Frenchy So Chic are a French Pop act with G-Vine And Daniel Clement bringing their own House music flavour to the night that is sure to add to the lively party.

The Gin & Tonic week will be a fantastic way for all lovers of  the classic drink to show their appreciation and also, for those who either have never given the drink a try or just not been to Juniper Society it’s a great way to introduce yourself to a crisp G&T.