Cheap and Practical Ways to Keep Your Home Heated

Cheap and Practical Ways to Keep Your Home Heated

Heat and warmth are essential human needs especially in cold areas. Keeping your house heated is a priority for most homeowners and rightfully so. However, for most people, heating their homes is an expensive and troublesome endeavor.

Heating accounts for over seventy percent of household energy costs in the UK alone. The worst part is that there are many homes in the country without sufficient heat. Heating your home can be simple and easy if you are willing to be creative. The following are cheap and practical ways to keep your home heated:

Utilize Your Curtains

The best source of heat on the planet is the sun and the best part is that it is free energy. If you want to freely heat your home during the day, you should open the curtains and let the sun into your home.

Moreover, the heat from the sun is stored in the house after an entire day of shining. Therefore, at night you can insulate your home by simply closing your curtains.

You should ensure that your home has no air gaps or leaks which might let the hot air out of it. Using your curtains is one of the most practical ways to ensure you have heat at home.

Install a Fireplace

Man has presumably used direct fire for heat for millions of years. Most homes have a fireplace that is underused. If your home has no fireplace, you can install one. A fireplace is a great way to ensure that your home has enough heat. It will also add a touch of class to the place.

You can vary the intensity of the fire depending on how much heat you want. The cost of firewood is quite low hence you don’t have to spend too much to heat your home. If you no longer need the heat you can simply turn off the heat which is quite practical.

Double Glazed Windows

Your windows are one of the biggest liabilities for letting heat out of your home. However, with some improvements, your windows can actually contribute to heating your home, which is a prevalent concern in Australia where the climate is mostly warm.

One great idea for improving your windows for heat retention is to install double glazed windows. You can install Australian made double glazed windows. They are thick windows that will help keep the heat in and cold out of the house.

There are several types of double glazed windows so you have a variety from which to choose. You should get professionals to install them or you will not get the full benefits from them.

Maximize Your Insulation

A fact that many homeowners might not know is that about a quarter of the heat in your home is lost through the roof. It is simple really as hot air rises and will hence leave through gaps in the roof.

You can significantly reduce the heat leaving your home by maximizing your insulation. You can do so by installing at least 25cm of insulation on your roof.

Installing insulation on the roof is not cheap by most means. It will also need professional labor if you cannot do it yourself. However, the savings in your energy bill over the long term should be enough to make it cost-effective.

Move Your Furniture

Furniture placement in a home is often an issue of personal style and preference. Unfortunately, most people place their furniture particularly their sofas in places that prevent their homes from being heated efficiently.

You should especially move your sofa and other pieces of furniture if they are close to the radiator. They may be absorbing most of the heat from the device and hence preventing the rest of the house from being heated.

You should also move furniture from the vents and registers as they will block the flow of air into the room. Moving your furniture is not only free but it is also practical.

Seal Air Gaps

Cheap and Practical Ways to Keep Your Home Heated

The vast majority of the heat in your home is lost when the air leaves the house. Therefore, you can simply ensure your home is heated by sealing as many air gaps as possible.

There are numerous air spaces in a typical home through which hot air can escape. However, the door is the main one. It may sound too simple but simply closing the door can save you a lot of money.

You should evaluate the rest of the house to find any cracks or holes where air can escape and seal them immediately.

Ensuring your home is heated can be cheap and practical. You can ensure that your home retains more heat using the simple tips above. Some might be more expensive than others but they will all save you money in the long run.