Cheap Places to Eat in Melbourne

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cheap places to eat in melbourne

Rated highly for its entertainment and touristic appeal, Victoria’s state capital could be perceived as an expensive city to get around in. However, travellers to Melbourne should not be disheartened as this city offers many places at which to have a quick and affordable meal. The key is knowing where to look for cheap places to eat in Melbourne. Read on for our list of tasty dining options that are cost effective and won’t put a hole in your wallet.
Here are Cheap Places to Eat in Melbourne
Very much as the same of the best things to do in Sydney, as it is famous for its uncountable eateries, Melbourne is as equally packed with quality  places to eat. But what places out of the bunch are cheap?

Half Moon Café
Address : 13 Victoria St, Coburg VIC 3058, Australia

Begun in 2003, by entrepreneur Nabil Hassan, the Half Moon Café is reminiscent of the wafting aromas of his native Egypt. Diners to this restaurant in Melbourne will be surprised by the queues that line up at lunch time. Outside seating near the Coburg Corner is recommended and it offers a pleasant break to enjoy a meal while glancing at the activity on the street. The menu comprises Middle Eastern cuisine and of course kebabs and falafels are a favourite at this eatery. The meals are generous in their plating and the overall feel of this restaurant in Melbourne is one that is relaxed and homely. It’s recommended that diners try the pickles that have been matured at the Café itself as a complement to any main dish.

To’s Bakery
Address : 122 Hopkins St, Footscray VIC 3011, Australia

Located down Hopkin Street, this quaint little bakery serving up Vietnamese cuisine is a popular choice among travelers looking for a filling snack or meal. The bakery’s tried and tested favourites have kept the crowds coming in for the longest time. Delicacies are prepared with the freshest of ingredients, all lodged in tasty piping hot pastry casings. Just the sight of those delicious pork buns on display is enough to lure diners to sample their menu. Recommendations include the mung-bean filled Chinese doughnuts and ofcourse their choice of buns from mushroom, egg and Chinese sausage to more. In order to avoid possible peanut allergies, the bakery’s management has switched to a Hoi Sin sauce on their rice paper rolls. The fresh rolls are prepared with meat or vegetarian options.

1090 Burger
Address: 181A Swan St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia

Nothing says wholesome and hearty like a hamburger, and for the visitors to 1090 Burger in Melbourne, it couldn’t be truer. The motto at this eatery is less fat and more meat, so diners can indulge in the juiciest of burger beef patties. The minimalist setting offered at 1090 is cosy, casual and indicates that the real draw is truly the burgers. Fresh beef that is aged for 60 days is minced freshly daily and flattened into succulent patties by loving hands and is not mass produced. The true test of quality in a 1090 burger is definitely in the savouring. The burgers are affordable and packed with flavor. The thunderburger is recommended for those burger fiends. The burger comes with a double patty, bacon, ketchup, pickles, double cheese and chili mayo.
Melbourne may differ  to other cities with its mesmerising diversity however, for the foodies, Australia offers cheap and great places to eat. If you are headed west next, be sure to check out Perth to Broome Tours to find your mixture of adventure and delicious nourishment. Make sure you dont miss out on these affordable feeds i you are looking for cheap places to eat in Melbourne.