Checklist: The Travel Buddy

Checklist: The Travel Buddy

An average experience can turn into an upward ride with a good travel companion by simply rubbing off their zeal on you. But with a wrong travel companion who has a few intolerable quirks, it can turn your whole experience into something unpleasant.

Traveling with someone is undoubtedly one of the easiest and fastest ways of learning about their personality. Moreover, at times, it can work as the best ‘relationship test’ to check the compatibility with your potential life partner.

If a person is your cousin, close friend, or just a friend, it doesn’t naturally make them an excellent travel buddy. Your potential travel buddy can be anyone. They can be your better half, friend, or even a stranger you just met while sharing a taxi. You don’t need a ‘perfect’ travel buddy; you need them to match the mindset on some basic parameters.

Deciding a travel buddy can be a tough job. To help you out with this tough decision, we have made a checklist for you. So before picking your next globetrotter companion, make sure to have a look at this travel buddy checklist.

1. Morning larks or night owls

Imagine if you want to take your full eight-hour beauty sleep but your friend, on the other hand, wants to check out a new club or vice versa. You guys decide to part ways but find in the morning that your friend is still napping while you are all packed and ready to hit the road. There goes your whole day. So, if you want to enjoy your trip entirely, pick a travel buddy who’s on a similar schedule as you are. Morning larks and night owls don’t always mix well, especially on a trip.

Checklist: The Travel Buddy

2. Personality types

What is your personality type, and what is your travel buddy’s personality type? For example, are you an energetic, happy-go-lucky type, or do you prefer to take things easy and soak in the experience at a nice and pretty café with a view? The Type A personalities are all about the action. But the Type B people favor ‘living in the moment’ and savor every step of the trip. So the next time you’re making travel plans with a companion, keep in mind the personality types.

3. Discuss the Budget beforehand

While some people prefer eating at fancy restaurants and spending money on n holy cannoli ejuice, others like to bum their way from hostel to hostel and instead have picnics at a park or near the stream or river, with a view. And some others prefer to spree on hotels with at least three stars and terrific room service. 

In the end, it all narrows down to budget priorities. There’s no right way or wrong way to travel. To avoid awkward situations and conversations about money on the road, it’s best if you figure out all that stuff beforehand. Further, this will prevent both of you from continually running into new frustrations.

Checklist: The Travel Buddy

4. Travel with someone who is fun to be around

Accidents and misfortunes are bound to happen when you travel. For example, you can miss a bus, or it may rain for days, or you can even forget your luggage, etc. are just some of the many unavoidable situations you may face while traveling. All of these are part of the experience, but regardless of what happens, it’s always a brilliant idea to travel with someone with whom you can have a good laugh and who can make light of such situations.

5. Disorderly order

Do you know what type of person your travel buddy is? Are they an organization junkie who likes to have everything planned ahead of time? Or are they happy-go-lucky kind of people? Your personalities don’t clash ideally, but it’s never a bad idea to complement each other when it comes to itineraries. This way, the trip goes smoothly, and no one locks horns.

6. Mutual interests

Imagine you have a two or three-week trip ahead of you, but you’ve already started to run out of topics or things to talk about on the first day itself. So, you guys spend the next few days scratching your head to find a topic and keep the conversation going. Ah, what a disaster. To avoid awkward situations like this or a silent trip, make sure you have a similar interest with your travel partner.

7. Take out time for solo activities

The truth is, you may never find the ideal super travel buddy right away, and that’s okay. It will take some time, but this will be a learning experience for you. If you like to go skydiving, your friend likes to go to the museum; you can still have a fantastic time. Both of you need to pursue your plans and not compromise on everything. 

Remember that just because you and your travel buddy are traveling together, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you have to spend every minute together. Especially when you are on a long trip, planning some different activities is crucial. It can lighten the mood and give you and your travel buddy something to talk about in the evening.


Before making plans for/any trip, know what your priorities for your trip are. Also, make sure that you discuss them with your travel companion. Who you travel with can either make or break your vacation. Similarly, traveling together can either make or break a relationship if you’re not compatible. If this checklist guide was helpful, don’t forget to forward this to your future travel companion.