Choosing the Right Visa for Your Move to America

Choosing the Right Visa for Your Move to America

While the number of Australians emigrating to America has dropped during the pandemic, previous years have seen around 150,000 annual admissions to the US. The US remains a popular destination for Australians, but whether you are hoping to stay temporarily as a student or settle for longer in permanent employment, you will need to think about applying for necessary government documents, including an appropriate visa, before you make your move.

Assistance with Relocation Options

For Australians, there are several options for relocating to the US all of which require a visa. There are a number of different types of visa and, whether you are studying, moving to a new job or staying with family, applying for the right one to match your needs can be complex. Only licenced attorneys are able to provide legal assistance, but as the federal government doesn’t require all applications to be overseen by a lawyer, you might wonder is an immigration lawyer worth it? With so many variables to consider, knowing that your paperwork is filed correctly, and that any complications will be dealt with promptly, not only gives you peace of mind but could save you time and money as costly errors are avoided.

A Permit for Specialist Work

New York is the preferred city for working Australian migrants, and in 2019 around 18,000 of them were employed there. Whether you decide to go for the bright lights of the city or prefer the Pacific coast sunshine, you will need a visa to live and work in the US. While there are several different types of visas for all non-Americans to work in the US, Australians working in a speciality occupation, such as law, accountancy or medicine, have access to their own E-3 Visa. These can be easier and cheaper to apply for than other US work permits.

Resources for Overseas Students

Roughly one-quarter of Australian undergraduate students choose to study abroad as part of their degree programme, and one of the top destinations is the US, chosen by 10% of Australian undergraduate students. The Australian government encourages undergraduate mobility, and provides substantial funding to enable students to study overseas. In addition, support is available through EducationUSA Australia, a scheme provided by the US Embassy. After completing your applications to your chosen US college or university, you will need to apply for a student visa. With an extensive network of international student advice centres, the EducationUSA Australia scheme provides resources to help students with these procedures, as well as access to up-to-date information about studying in a range of accredited US institutions.

Whether you are travelling to the US as a student or hoping to make a more permanent move to live and work there, applying for the appropriate visas and completing necessary paperwork can seem daunting. With the help of specialised institutions and an experienced immigration lawyer, the process of emigrating is made much more straightforward.