Christmas 2017 in the Wild West of Australia

The Top 5 Things To Do When You Visit Broome

With the festive season upon us, there’s never been a better time to splash out on an extended adventure! So if you happen to be stopping in Western Australia, then a Perth to Broome overland tour is just the ticket you need to see some of the most varied terrain in the Australia.

Making the immense 2,348.8 km journey north in Australia’s largest State of course means you’re going to encounter adventures by the bucket load. Whether you’re a thrill seeker when it comes to adrenaline rushes or a water baby who likes to get up close and personal with the Aussie wildlife, the West Coast has got your back. Here are a few encounters you can hope to enjoy whilst traversing the West Coast.

Into the Wild

Setting off from Perth, your first stop is at the rocky Kalbarri National Park. A perfect photo opp comes in the form of the stunning ‘Nature’s Window’ – a picturesque rock formation that perfectly frames the landscape in the distance in a natural picture frame created from erosion to the rocks. Feeling active? Take in the deep ravines, abseil down rock faces and kayak the waterways. Kalbarri is perfect for those who want to start their trip with a bang!

Coastal Adventures in WA

From here, your coastal adventure begins. First stop: Shark Bay. A stunning beachside destination, water lovers can immerse themselves and snorkel with some of the stunning marine life native to Western Australia’s waters. You’ll also stop at Monkey Mia to meet the dolphins that come into the shallows every day to be hand fed by visitors. The Monkey Mia dolphins are so famous they’ve been incredibly important to dolphin research studies over the last few years, and if you’re a fan of these playful, squeaky mammals then this is your chance to see them closer than ever!

Snorkelling The Ningaloo Reef

Arriving in Coral Bay you’ll be at the gateway to the Ningaloo Reef. Western Australia’s much less damaged answer to the Great Barrier Reef is home to a kaleidoscopic array of tropical fish as well as an abundance of coral – and if you visit at the right time of year, you may even be lucky enough to encounter the enormous Whale Sharks as they migrate through these shores from April to July every year. From June to September you may even see a humpback whale or two as they migrate past the WA coastline.

Delve into the Oasis

Making your way inland from Exmouth you’ll arrive at Karijini National Park. Possibly the most special part of the tour, you’ll spend a few days exploring the marbled rock, narrow tunnels, caves, waterfalls and billabongs. Visiting Karijini is a real time to relax, unwind and escape back to nature, so make sure you take full advantage as you frolic under waterfalls and sooth your skin from the heat in the swimming holes before making your way to your final destination of Broome.

The Best Sunset in Australia

Famous for its enormous, fiery sunsets, Cable Beach is the highlight of Broome and no trip here is complete without taking a camel ride across its expansive sands. The uninterrupted sky at Broome is where you may also spot the natural phenomenon of the ‘Stairway to the Moon’ that creates an optical illusion of stairs leading up to the moon under the cover of darkness.

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