Christmas Shipping Australia To UK

Christmas Experience Gifts Australia To UK

There are quite a few of you in recent years who have taken the big step and started a new life in Australia after leaving the United Kingdom. And we’d just like to say well done. It can’t have been easy.

But now hopefully you have the life you’d always dreamt of, or at the very least much closer to it. The only downside to living overseas is Christmas doesn’t really feel like Christmas. Sure, you have the presents and the good food and the ornate pine tree in the corner of the room but something’s missing. Now, what could it be?

May we venture to suggest that you could be feeling a little blue as most of your friends and relatives are still back in Blighty, enjoying Christmas in a chillier but nonetheless far more familiar climate to the humid, the one you’re currently experiencing? If so, we at Seven Seas Worldwide have a suggestion.

Christmas Shipping Australia To UK

If there are particular Christmas traditions you’ll be missing this year, why not ask those in the UK to send you a gift package? A little bundle of familiar items and handmade offerings that will instantly transport you home without the need to spend 24 hours on a Qantas airliner. Popular gifts include handwritten cards and letters (even in 2016 they still meant a bit more than a text or a succession of heart emojis), family photos, childhood mementos like a favourite book, a favourite mug or item of jewellery or article of clothing. Food is often a staple in a gift package though we advise against it, just because Australian quarantine laws are so stringent. More of that later.

Regrettably you missed the deadline if you wanted to have your package sent by sea (you’d have needed to get something packed and sent off by October) but there’s still time to have something sent by air if you’re willing to pay the extra price.

Christmas Shipping Australia To UK – What not to send

If you are planning on sending a more Christmas-themed gift package, here’s a small word of warning: Should the package contain any festive ornaments and decorations such as a Santa figurine or a traditional Christmas wreath, do consider the possible customs restrictions. Before you ask – no, customs officials are not notably less festive than other citizens.

We’re sure there are plenty of inspectors who come to work in December with tinsel round the brims of their hats. No, this is a simple reflection of Australia and New Zealand’s rigorous quarantine laws that prevent any item from entering the country that may be dirty or may have come into contact with the earth and not been sufficiently cleaned.

From our experience, pine cones are very popular as part of Christmas ornaments and decorations, so if you’re sending anything with pine cone adornment or similar, we urge you to think twice before sending. Australian and New Zealand Quarantine laws famously request that boots, camping equipment and other outdoor items are thoroughly cleaned before packing off and sending. Any evidence of dirt could mean the worse for your consignment.

For more information and guidance on sending personal items to Australia, visit the Seven Seas Worldwide website. And if you’re celebrating Christmas in Australia, enjoy the seafood and think of your loved ones huddled round the television watching The Queen’s Speech as you take another dip in the pool to cool off.

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