Circo Loco

Circoloco - Australian Tour 2012

Grown out of an old airport hanger in Ibiza, Circo Loco, the ‘crazy circus’, is undoubtedly one of the most well-known club brands in the world. Jamie Jones has achieved in the space of a few short years what many producers try for in a lifetime. Turning his hand to a variety of styles while still maintaining a strong signature sound, Jones has created an admired musical identity and a loyal global following. Davide Squillace plays with an unequalled funk and excitement. His signature sets, revered by the masses and peers alike, do a double duty in guarding our much-loved traditions while constantly pushing them forward.

BBM caught up with the two on the eve of their Australian visit.

For those who haven’t heard of it before, what is Circo Loco?
It’s possibly the best large scale party in the word, and has been for about 10 years. It’s a party started by 2 Italian’s at a club called dc10 in
Ibiza 11 years ago. The energy at this party is literally unlike anything else, and it’s now something global. It’s traditionally the kind of party where the biggest DJ’s almost beg to play for free it’s so good. And this summer was one of the best yet.

Davide: Quality, Freedom, Madness, Friendship… I could stay here all day.

‘Circo Loco’ literally means ‘Crazy Circus’ and is known to draw some of the wildest and sexiest crowds from around the world… How do you manage to stay ahead of the curve?
JJ: A lot of work, and I guess experience. I mean not just as a DJ, but as a punter. I’ve been dancing at that club for 10 years, so I know how it works, it’s a really intense atmosphere, but if you get it right, it explodes. I’ve seen some people totally bomb, so you just have to make sure you give it your all every time.

Davide: Well Circoloco is the kind of party where you always want to propose cutting edge stuff, promoters from all over the world come there meaning that musically educated people attend the parties… So it’s the right crowd to do that.

If you weren’t taking over the world of DJ’ing what else do you think you would be doing?
JJ: I studied graphic design, so id probably work in advertising or something. Actually maybe I’m be trying to write movies or something, I’m into that – its something I want to do in the future..

Davide: Sociologist or Architect. At the end of the day I didn’t go that far. You learn a lot of the society traveling so much and getting in touch with so many different cultures. The composition of music has so much to do with structures, colors and shapes, just like in architecture.

You have been fortunate enough to play in some of the world’s best clubbing venues… Is there any place that you always look forward to going back to?
Well, there’s so many! I recently played the Rivington hotel rooftop in
New York. That was great, I fall in love with NYC more and more every time I visit. I may move there for bit this year. But I love beach parties too; Playa del Carmen in Mexico is amazing, playing Sunrise there is great.

What can we expect from your tour to Australia?
JJ: Me getting drunk and playing some big ass records!

Davide: I actually want to get there with a free mind, meaning without any expectations, I know from friends of mine that it’s insane, there’s beautiful cities and a crowd that understand about music.

Perth: Democracy presents Circo Loco @ Villa Nightclub featuring Jamie Jones and Davide Squillace 22.10.10
Sydney: Finely Tuned presents Circo Loco @ The Greenwood featuring Jamie Jones and Davide Squillace 23.10.10
Melbourne: The Likes Of You and Revolver Sundays present Circo Loco @ Revolver featuring Jamie Jones and Davide Squillace 24.10.10
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