The Best Melbourne Cocktail Bars

Before enjoying one of many Melbourne cocktail bars here’s a bit of trivia for you. 1806 is the year that the word cocktail was first defined in print, it’s a mixture of two or more drinks, and cocktails are a creation to make a drink that is made to be sipped
and enjoyed in a leisurely fashion in a sophisticated environment.

Melbourne cocktail bars are second to none and most discerning cocktail drinkers
will not be disappointed once they drink a cocktail in a bar in Australia’s city of
art and culture.

Most Melbourne cocktail bars are dotted around the CBD between Flinders Street and
Victoria Street; there is one across the river on the South bank, a few in Collingwood
and Fitzroy.

Most suburban cocktail bars are one-off bars in suburbs such as Hawthorn, Elmwood
and Springvale.

Clearly there are not many cocktail bars as they are not cheap and are frequented by
people who relish a calm sophisticated atmosphere, not designed for people who like
a noisy rowdy night in a regular Melbourne bar.

What ever you’re favourite cocktail, your barman will know how to make it, so enjoy
Melbourne cocktail bars.