Common Vaping Problems and How to Fix Them

Common Vaping Problems and How to Fix Them

Vaping offers a soothing and enjoyable experience when everything is working perfectly. Sometimes, you have to deal with issues relating to e-liquids or e-cigs. These problems can be frustrating as it interrupts your vaping session.

You have to fix all problems to have a smooth vaping section. The truth is that you fix these problems quickly, provided you know how to go about it. This article gives some troubleshooting tips that you can employ to deal with issues yourself before you think of going to a vape shop or buying a new kit. Here are some of the common vape problems and the steps needed to fix them: 

When the Atomizer is not Detected

This issue does not require fixing a vape atomizer. The first step to take when you discover this problem is to check the coil to know if it needs cleaning or tightening. Also, inspect the terminals to check if dirty. Loosen the tank a bit if you discover that it is tight on the mod. This issue can crop up when the vape tank does not align with the device. In this case, you have to go for a repair or get a replacement.  

The Inability of the Battery to Hold a Charge 

Using the wrong charger can result in this problem. Therefore, double-check your vape charge to be sure you are using the right one. Check the battery terminals and get rid of dirt or anything causing the disconnection. You can use a cotton bud for proper cleaning.

Common Vaping Problems and How to Fix Them

Leaking Vape 

A vaping device may leak if you fill it beyond its capacity or don’t assemble its parts properly. In other words, screwing them too tight or loose might cause leakage. 

Furthermore, you might need to clean the seals and O-rings. If you discover a fracture at the end caps region of the tank, you will have to replace the tank. 

Overheating can lead to e-liquid thinning, causing the airflow to leak. To fix this issue, increase the power of your device to prevent flooding. Do not use PG liquids for low resistance coil; instead, stick to VG vape juice.  

Blank Vape Device Screen

There are two ways to solve this problem. First, download and install the latest firmware through your PC. Outdated firmware could cause blankness. The second approach is to activate stealth mode on your device; turn it off by pressing the fire button thrice.  Visit a vape shop to get your mod repaired or replaced if none of the methods works.

Common Vaping Problems and How to Fix Them

Vaping Device Producing Spitting or Gurgling Sounds 

Your device is designed to operate quietly; hence, it shouldn’t make any sound while vaping. One possible reason for a noisy vaping session is excessive e-juice in your e-cig. Therefore, check to ascertain that the tank is not overfilled.   

Also, try to get rid of excess e-juice from the coil. Remove your device’s mouthpiece and flick the other parts to get rid of the trapped e-liquid. Remove the section containing the liquid and soak them in warm water to remove the remaining e-juice. Then, ensure that the parts are dry before you reassemble them. 

Getting a Burnt Taste 

Replace your vape coil if you have been using it consistently for more than fourteen days. Also, inspect the wick to see if you need to get another one. Wicks burn out when you vape continuously. The best way to avoid this issue is to pause intermittently for 30 seconds when vaping.  

When you get new coils, prime them before getting into action. Vaping right after refilling could also lead to a burnt taste. Do not be in a hurry to take your first puff. 

Vape not Giving Out Enough Vapor 

The amount of VG component of the e-liquid is responsible for the quantity of vapor it produces. Therefore, you should go for an e-juice with higher Vegetable glycerin (VG) concentration. 

Apart from that, it could be a result of a low battery charge. Furthermore, this issue could also be due to clogged terminals, flooded atomizers, or a dry coil. Consider buying a more powerful device if you don’t get enough vapor after attempting these methods. 

Excessively Strong Throat Hit 

When you feel the throat hit too much, go for an e-liquid with a higher concentration of VG. Keep in mind that Propylene Glycol (PG) components are responsible for the distinct throat hit experienced by vapers, while the VG contents reduce it.  

Furthermore, the throat hit reduces as the nicotine strength drops. Try nicotine salts if you are not willing to sacrifice the nicotine strength for a reduced throat hit. 


Vaping becomes enjoyable and relaxing when there is no issue with your vaping device and e-juice. However, vaping issues are bound to occur, especially if you have been using the device for a while. Before thinking of a repair or replacement, try to troubleshoot and see if you can get the problem fixed. The tips above will help you diagnose and solve some of the common problems you might encounter while vaping.