Community Service Based Career Opportunities

Community Service Based Career Opportunities

In today’s society, the job market has become increasingly more competitive as the number of individuals looking to enter the workforce continues to grow. Career opportunities in the business, legal and healthcare industries are commonly sought after due to their high level of demand, sense of job security and salary. 

Despite these benefits, some individuals would rather forgo the incentives of working in the corporate world and would rather work for organisations that they feel give them more of a purpose in life and that may better serve their community. 

A significant number of individuals are opting to work more closely with those that they may interact with and help on a day-to-day basis. Whether it be working for a non-profit organisation or a meaningful charity, there are plenty of career choices that you can choose from. A career in community service can be an excellent way to explore your interests.

Counselling Services

A large portion of the community is faced with daily stressors and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Some individuals may be able to handle these situations head-on while others may need some form of assistance from time to time. 

Receiving a diploma of community services can help aid in obtaining the necessary skills and education you need to adequately provide such individuals with the proper care that they require. Community service counselors can serve as life coaches, assist workers in identifying fulfilling career paths and provide mental health services or programmes. This may be an ideal career path if you are looking to personally interact with your community and provide people with safe spaces to talk, overcome obstacles and connect with others in a similar situation.

Community Service Based Career Opportunities Health Care Assistance

Working as an assistant in the health care industry can take on many forms. Job opportunities of this nature may take place in hospital settings, long-term or short-term care facilities and disability centres. Home care may also be utilised for individuals that are either unable to leave the house or that are not able to safely travel to receive their needed care. When working in such a capacity, you may regularly interact with those suffering from debilitating diseases, patients recovering from an operation or people learning to perform everyday tasks. 

A career in health care often provides hands-on experience and a wide range of patient interactions. You are often able to instantly witness the impact that your job has on those with which you work. Given that age does not discriminate, health care assistance may be needed by children, adults and the elderly alike.  

Addiction Rehabilitation

Every individual person has their own unique story and set of circumstances when it comes to the need for addiction intervention. Some people may have become dependent on prescribed pain medication following a procedure, turned socialised drinking into a coping mechanism or used gambling to try and repay debts. There are an endless number of individuals that could use the services and attention of a community service professional to help them understand their addiction and provide them with the necessary tools and resources to overcome it. 

A career in community services can provide you with job opportunities that include running support groups and outpatient services, as well as providing therapy and counselling to those that are closely affected by their loved one’s struggles and addictions. Working in addiction rehabilitation may not only be limited to dealing with current or past addicts but can also be geared towards addiction education and prevention.

There are several career paths available to you when looking to work within the community service sector. Each job opportunity comes with its own unique responsibilities and required level of education and skills. Community service-based careers may be best suited for you if you have an interest in helping those in your local community and are readily able to handle any challenging situations that you may face. Communication and organisation are also key attributes that are shared amongst members within this industry.

If you choose to obtain a degree or complete relevant courses in community service, you will be met with a wide range of available jobs. The passion that you have in working to help others is beneficial to making your community a better place.

Community Service Based Career Opportunities apply today.

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