Could the T20 World Cup in Australia be the Next Big Sporting Event to Take Place?

T20 World Cup in Australia

The entire sporting world is currently suffering due to the coronavirus outbreak. It seems inevitable that many big events will be cancelled over the next few months. This means that it could be September or October by the time we have major sporting events take place.

If that is the case then the eyes of the cricketing world, and many in the sporting world in general, will be on Australia.

The men’s T20 World Cup is scheduled to begin on 18 October and run until the final on 15 November.

Australia will host the event, and with the great job they did of the women’s World Cup, and the fact they won it, many in the country will be excited to see what happens.

T20 World Cup Could See Record Interest from Fans and Gamblers

With many sporting events being cancelled, those that do get the go ahead are going to attract far more interest than normal. This will come in the shape of ticket sales, those watching at home on TV and people betting on the outcome.

With few other sports offering betting opportunities at the moment, the T20 World Cup in Australia could take advantage of that and attract a lot of gamblers.

With games taking place almost every day during the tournament, there will be many chances to bet for fans wishing to, something that will only heighten the appeal this tournament has.

It is expected that many bookmakers will have offers available for their customers ahead of the tournament. You can check out these no deposit free bets to see what is currently on offer for sports fans from bookmakers.

Can Australia Emulate the Success of Their Women?

2020 is a unique year for cricket World Cup’s. At the start of the year we saw the women’s World Cup take place.

This was hosted in Australia, and not only that but the Australian women’s team went on to win the game. They beat India in the final to lift the trophy, and women’s cricket in the country received a huge boost because of that.

The women went into their tournament with a good chance of winning and the men will do the same.

Although the men are probably not the best team in the world, they have the advantage of playing at home which will certainly help.

They will be at home on pitches they are used to, backed by big home support and that could make all the difference when the knockout stage of this competition begins.

Is There a Chance the Tournament Doesn’t Happen?

This is of course a possibility, but the measures that are currently being put in place around the world are all designed to put an end to the pandemic.

With travel restrictions, closed borders and strict rules surrounding self-isolation, there is every chance that things will be much better by the time we get to October.

Other sports during the next few months will likely have a very different feel about things right now, which is why the T20 World Cup could see a huge boost in interest.

We are more than six months away from the start of the World Cup, but without much sport taking place it could be a long six months.

Not only will this affect the fans, but it will also affect the players. Should they be in a position where they cannot play until the World Cup then you can expect them all to be raring to go and put on a show for us.