Creative Airwave HD Speakers

Creative Airwave HD Speakers

Get music to your ears even more easily with the Creative Airwave HD Speaker. Featuring NFC technology for one-touch pairing, simply tap your smart device on the speaker and you’re instantly paired for hours of music. If your device isn’t NFC-enabled, you can still pair up via Bluetooth, it just takes a little longer and requires holding down the Multifunction button until the LED light flickers.

Once you’re paired, you can play music for up to seven hours on full charge, so the party needn’t stop until morning. The sound quality is pretty good, but it should be seeing as it is fitted with a super charge amplifier and two premium full-range drivers. A downside is the harsh noise it makes every time you press the volume buttons.

The built-in microphone turns the speaker into a speaker phone, so you don’t miss any important calls should your smart phone be too far from reach – a winning formula for a bulky speaker with a hefty price tag. Perfect for those of you staying put for a while!

$217 available from


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