Crypto Currencies Under $1 That Have the Best Growth Potential

crypto currencies under $1

What Crypto Currencies Under 1 Cent Have Potential to Grow in the Next 12-18 Months?

When you’re looking for crypto currencies under $1 that have the best growth potential, you need to remember that the market is volatile and fast changing. Although we would love to give a guarantee, your capital is always at risk. The important question is which altcoins would yield the best ROI within the next year and half? While altcoins mimic Bitcoin, they also offer additional benefits such as low-price volatility and smart contracts. In effect, altcoins improve upon Bitcoin’s professed limitations to gain a competitive advantage.  And, the high potential of altcoins is that most are still available at less than 1 cent value, but are projected to grow in the next 12 to 18 months. In essence, you can expect a considerable ROI by investing in altcoins now.

What Crypto Currencies Under $1 Have the Best Growth Potential?

Which Altcoins Can Make You Rich in The Near Future? 

Which altcoins have the best chance of growth in the next 12-18 months?  If you put the right investment amounts in and one or more of them grow, you could become rather wealthy in a short period of time. Here is what you need to keep in mind when formulating your crypto currency strategy.

  • Market capitalization (market cap) matters more than the individual price of a coin.
  • Which altcoins have the best growth potential. 
  • What are the foundations of the altcoin, are they attached to any key projects that will guarantee them success?
  • Are they attached to any projects that governments are targeting? 
  • Decide whether you should go for a short term strategy or a long term one and strategize accordingly 
  • Diversify your portfolio 
  • Remember to sell your altcoins when bitcoin dominance on the decline

What is the Best Strategy for Investing in Altcoins/Crypto Currencies? 

The best strategy to invest in altcoins that are currently under 1 cent is to build a diversified altcoins portfolio that has a good balance between low risk, medium risk and high risk. You can diversify between markets by being present in a number of markets. But, at the same time keep the diversification at a manageable level by having about 60 to 70 percent of your investment in 3 coins.

Which Altcoins Have a High Potential of Growth? 

Here is a list of altcoins that are still trading at less than 1 per cent value, and have high potential for growth in the next 12 to 18 months. In short, building a prudent portfolio of the below altcoins can make you rich in no time at all.

Crypto Altcoins That are Still Trading at Less Than 1 Per Cent

Karma (KARMA): Its current price is US$0.0007546 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

Basic Attention Token (BAT): Its current price is US$0.6485 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

Cardano (ADA): Its current price is US$1.32 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

Ravencoin (RVN): Its current price is US$0.06581 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

Stellar Lumens (XLM): Its current price is US$0.2795 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

Opacity (OPQ): Its current price is US$0.006550 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

Electroneum (ETN): Its current price is US$0.008403 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

TRON (TRX): Its current price is US$0.06443 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

E-Currency Coin (ECC): Its current price is US$0.00009105 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

InflationCoin (IFLT): Its current price is US$0.0001363 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

Electra (ECA): Its current price is US$0.00001704 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

GCN Coin (GCN): Its current price is US$0.0000004936 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

Lindacoin (LINDA): Its current price is $0.00004678 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

Ren Coin (REN): Its current price is US$0.4383 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

Verge (XVG): Its current price is US$0.02332 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

Siacoin (SC): Its current price is US$0.01583 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

ReddCoin (RDD): Its current price is US$0.002043 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

VeChain (VET): Its current price is US$0.08593 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

Holochain (HOT token): Its current price is US$0.006432 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

Icon (ICX): Its current price is US$1.03 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

Zilliqa (ZIL): Its current price is US$0.0839 (as of Aug 1, 2021).

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