Dab vs Cart: Whats the Difference?

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There’s a huge difference between dab vs cart. These two medical marijuana methods of inhalation had vastly different effects on the mind and body. The way that the flower or concentrates are refrigerated and the way they are used are very different.

While there are some similarities between dabbing and carts, the dynamic inhaling of flowers that both methods provide offers different experiences.

We’re going to break down both methods of marijuana ingestion. Then we’ll tell you which one we think is the best way to enjoy your marijuana.

The Potency

The potency of dabs and cartridges is different due to the different forms that they come in and the different modes of administration. Dab is a concentrated form of cannabis and is typically smoked or vaped via an oil rig or dab pen. It is typically the strongest form of cannabis when taken in this way with most dabs containing upwards of 80-90% THC.

THC vape cartridges are a form of cannabis oil that is heated and inhaled via a vape pen. These contain a lower percentage of THC, typically hovering around 30-60%, depending on the strain.

Although not as strong as dab, cartridges can still provide a potent hit of cannabinoids. Discover dab supplies to know more about the potency between cart vs dab.

It Ease of Use

Dabbing requires more technical equipment than carts do. Dabbing requires a dab rig: a water pipe that’s been retrofitted to vaporize cannabis concentrates or dabs. The user must also have a blow torch to heat the rig, as well as a dabber to place the concentrate onto the heating surface.

This can be quite tricky to do without creating a mess or starting a fire. On the other hand, using a cart requires little more than inserting the cartridge into a battery. This requires no special tools or torches and is much simpler to use.

The Cost

The cost difference between dab rigs and carts is significant. Dab rigs are usually costlier than carts due to the high need for expensive components like a dab nail, torch, and e-nail. Carts, on the other hand, are more affordable and more cost-efficient, if you’re just looking for short-term use.

Furthermore, the cost savings associated with using carts don’t necessarily mean there is a compromise in quality. Thanks to their affordability, carts can often provide a higher quality experience than dab rigs due to their better heating capabilities.

The Maintenance

Dab and cart are two methods of vaporizing THC and other cannabis concentrates which are available in cannabis stores and dispensaries. The main difference lies in the maintenance required. Dabbing takes a bit more work to set up than carts, as it needs a dab rig and blowtorch.

The rig and torch require cleaning and maintenance to make sure they are always in working order. With carts, the only maintenance needed is the occasional cleaning of the cartridges and occasional replacement when needed, and the occasional battery change if the device is not rechargeable.

Knowing What to Get Between Dab Vs Cart

Dabs and Carts offer users two different ways to enjoy cannabis. The safest and most cost-effective way to get high is with dabs. They are also easier to use for beginner smokers.

Carts offer convenience and may be better for those who don’t want to handle concentrates. make sure also to look at dabbing supplies and compare. Try both methods and see which one works best for you dab vs cart.

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