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Interview with Dandy Warhols

Join us for an in-depth interview with The Dandy Warhols!

Since releasing the world’s catchiest anti-heroin song in 1997, The Dandy Warhols have been everywhere; from your favourite television show to multiple tours across Australia, which has become a second home for the band (and in the case of drummer Brent De Boer, his first). On the eve of their upcoming Australian tour, BBM’S BEN HARLUM caught up with Peter Holmström.

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Most people are familiar with your commerical-sounding tracks but you’re also very experimental at times, do you enjoy playing the more diverse sounding tracks?

Yeah, I do. Anything that’s a bit of a challenge these days is a bit exciting for me, but nothing really beats the reaction of playing Bohemian or Junkie or any of the hits.

Are you conscious of changing things up when you come back to tour, especially when Parklife was only a couple of months ago?

We’re always conscious of making it a little bit different but it seems like the same beast, even when we go to extremes. We are what we are and thankfully people keep coming back, we must be doing something slightly right.

I read an interview where you said that Thirteen Tales… was the last album you rehearsed songs for before hitting the studio. What’s the process like now?

For the record we’re working on at the moment, everybody brought ideas in and then individually we came into the studio and played our parts. Then we’ll send our tracks down to Australia to Brent, he’ll play drums, sing some harmonies and send it back, so it’s kinda wacky.

I also read that Courtney has taken a step back from the songwriting side of things, what’s the process like now?

Brent’s brought a couple of songs in and he’s been doing a song with Zia too. I’ve been writing songs with a couple of different people, and I have some tracks I’ll bring in for this or the next record. It’s opened it up for everybody to be more involved, but while we were talking about Courtney stepping back, he had. In January though, he did work with Miles from Fastball, writing songs together which are pretty fantastic. So he’s stepped up too.

Have you been there, watching a film or TV show and suddenly they’re using your song?

I don’t see most of them because most happen overseas. There’s some in the US but I don’t watch TV that much so I don’t see the advertisements. I do get caught by surprise every once in a while by a movie or TV show, I was just watching 24 and one of our songs was used in an episode [season three, episode 14]. You know that spot for a song in the big, romantic scene of a movie? We got that spot in a Kristen Dunst movie years ago [Crazy/Beautiful], and it was like… whatever, it’s only a Kristen Dunst movie, but the song was actually perfect for that key moment in the film so that was cool.

Finally, I need your support for an important cause. I think it should be mandatory to clap at the right times during We Used to be Friends..

Yeah, why not! C’Mon guys! [laughs] There’s songs like that, that make you want to clap along. I remember a General Public song that had a really cool clapping part that made me want to do a clapping song; and I guess I did in the end!

Tuesday, May 24th: Perth, Metropolis Fremantle

Thursday, May 26th: Adelaide, HQ

Friday, May 27th: Melbourne, The Palace

Sunday, May 29th: Sydney, Enmore Theatre

Tuesday, May 31st: Brisbane, The Tivoli

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