Dangerous Wrestlers In WWE History

Dangerous Wrestlers In WWE History

Wrestling is a sport for the tough. Only the tough and strong ones can make a name for themselves when it comes to this sport. Well, there are some wrestlers who other wrestlers could not mess with because of how dangerous they are in the ring. These wrestlers are proof that training is very important and learning the rules will help you stay out of trouble. Let’s take a look at some of the most dangerous wrestlers in the WWE.

Brock Lesner

One of the toughest and the most dangerous wrestlers ever in WWE. Lesner is a UFC heavyweight champion. The man is so dangerous that he is known to have injured some wrestlers like Triple H and breaking Holly’s neck too. According to some wrestlers and online casinos real money sites offering WWE betting, this man had no control of his moves when he was in the ring.

Bill Goldberg

Goldberg got into professional wrestling too quickly. He did not get the training he was supposed too much that he became dangerous. He made it difficult for other players to work with him. He is known to have caused several injuries to most of his opponents. His dangerous wrestling style is known to have severely injured Bret Hart at one of the matches.

Ahmed Johnson

Jonhson is a clear example that training is important. Just like playing rivernile casino games, if you don’t train you lose. Ahmed did not really get the training he was supposed to get. Instead, he just started to wrestle professionally after minimal training. No doubt that he was physically gifted but it takes more than that to become a good wrestler. Instead, he became a dangerous one. His mission in the ring was to come out on top therefore he had no recognition of another player that is why most wrestlers suffered injuries from him. Many wrestlers got hurt including him because of his lack of interest in learning the basics.


Known to be a street fighter more than he was a professional wrestler. One thing about this wrestler was his ability to not care. That is the edge he had over other players. I am sure all WWE fans have heard stories about this man. One thing we can tell you is that believe them because they are actually true. Haku was not just dangerous, he was scary. At one point he bit a man’s nose off. So you can imagine how dangerous he was.