Darwin Deez


DarwinDeezDescribed as the ‘La Roux’ of this year’s Park Life festival and expected to be dominating the charts by the time they take to the Australian stage, we were extremely excited to catch up with Darwin Deez.

Since releasing their debut self-titled album in April this year, Darwin Deez have been taking the UK charts by storm. It has been a roller coaster ride of success for Darwin, who just four months ago was working as a waiter.

“I would say that I have a new life, a new job. I have a lot of places to go and people to see and I am very happy about that because I was starting to get bored working in a restaurant just playing shows in New York and now I can do a lot more than that,” explains Darwin.

“I recorded and mixed the debut album myself in New York over two years and it is really poppy. It is the first piece of music I made in fifteen years that I felt to seriously promote and share with people. It takes that long to sort of shift away from music to please yourself to music to please other people. I am really excited.”

Darwin’s favourite part about the music industry is that he gets to create. “I get a really good feeling from creating things, especially from creating music and just the idea that the world is rewarding me for it, that’s my own inner feeling that it is rewarding me for it.”

Darwin Deez will be in Australia later this month touring with the Park Life Festival. “We don’t normally go for the touristy stuff. I imagine while in Australia I will be more people motivated. My favourite thing would be to see an Australian person’s apartment and look through the fridge and see what idiosyncrasies of how people actually live and touch each other and the food they eat. I like that rather than the big landmarks – I think the cultural differences are not highlighted in this way.”

Beyond that he will be back in the studio working on a rap tape. “I hope people will be pleasantly surprised,” he says.

“After that I am going into a big hole and I am going to try and make the most serious, most beautiful, funny and tragic pop music that has ever been made and then I am going to try and sell it.”

We are sure he will have no problem doing just that.