Dating a Soldier in 2021: Pros and Cons

Dating a Soldier in 2021

Soldiers are some of the boldest individuals that you can ever meet. They are willing to sacrifice years of their lives to support the good of the nation, and they may be sent to war. It’s no small wonder that men and women constantly wish to date these individuals. Who wouldn’t want to be with someone so brave and who also makes you feel safe and loved? Still, dating soldiers is not all positives; you need to consider both the pros and cons. We have you covered with the latest information to help you make the decision. 

How to Behave When You Meet a Soldier

The way you approach and behave around a soldier will determine whether or not you can start a relationship together. Remember that soldiers are individuals, so the approach you take for one might not work with all of them. One thing that you will want to avoid doing is calling them a “hero” or talking about their service. While they like when people are smitten with them for being a soldier, they don’t want people to harp on about that fact. So, approach a soldier like you would anyone else. Ask them lots of questions about who they are and what they enjoy doing. If the conversation is going well, then you can start to turn the conversation toward romance. One way to get a direct connection with a person in uniform these days is by trying to meet the soldier using an online dating service platform. These niche dating sites help you locate soldiers who are single and looking for a variety of forms of romance. These websites are very helpful because they facilitate connections worldwide and with every branch of the military. You can actually meet people who are living on military bases around the world! Meeting people online is a little different, so your behavior does not have to be the same. You have to be a little more direct, and you must realize that relationships can take a little bit more effort to jump-start when you’re using the internet. Nevertheless, meeting a military member online for dates can lead to incredible results. 

Military People, What Are They Like in Relationships?

What are military people like once you get them in a relationship, though? The truth is that everyone’s relationship is a bit different, and it’s hard to classify diverse military members as having singular traits that apply to all of them. However, you can be certain that the characteristics that make people join the military will appear in your relationship. For example, military members tend to be:

  • Dedicated
  • Hard-working
  • Loyal
  • Protective

These traits can be incredible in a relationship because military members are not lazy, and they believe in being loyal when they take an oath. That makes them attractive to people who want to start a long-term relationship; they rarely mind that their partner is probably going to move around quite a bit. With all this being said, it’s important to weigh the benefits of getting a dedicated and loyal partner with the difficulties that stem from being a member of the military. 


Dating people in the military comes with certain benefits. You should take a look at these benefits and consider how they will impact your romantic situation. 

  1. career military members are great providers and get a full retirement;
  2. soldiers tend to be highly loyal, so you don’t have to worry about them “straying” when deployed;
  3. military members are highly employable due to their unique skills;
  4. soldiers are high-energy; they are go-getters that like to keep busy so they will stay involved with you and take up your hobbies;
  5. military members are in good physical shape, so they can keep up with your busy lifestyle.

These are just a few of the reasons that dating a soldier can be such a positive experience!


Even though many pros exist for dating military members, some cons exist as well. Think about the following:

  1. your partner can get deployed very quickly, increasing the gap between you;
  2. even if you date online, communications can be infrequent if they’re on active duty;
  3. some military members return from war with severe handicaps, including PTSD.

These are some of the cons you must think about before you get involved with a person that is in the military. Life can be difficult if you’re worried about deployments, family, and having to frequently uproot your life. 

Being with someone in the military can be a great experience. These people are highly desirable for their mentality and physical appearance, along with a plethora of other wonderful traits. Finding a military member to date is as simple as signing up for a dating website dedicated to serving those who serve.