Day trip to Toodyay and New Norcia Benedictine Community

Day trip to Toodyay and New Norcia Benedictine Community

New Norcia

A true escape from every day, this unique hamlet 130km northeast of Perth and within the Avon Valley region, is Australia’s only monastic town. Everyone, regardless of their beliefs, will find themselves stilled by the soul of this tranquil community.

New Norcia Museum & Art Gallery

No visit to New Norcia is complete without a visit to the New Norcia Museum & Art Gallery which provides a fascinating insight into the monastery’s history and showcases a selection of Aboriginal artefacts. The art galleries are just as appealing with works ranging from traditional European religious art to funky Australian contemporary pieces.

As you stroll around the historic site, soak in the long and rich stories of one of WA’s pioneering settlements. You can also join the monks at prayer in their private chapel within the monastery. Make the most of your visit by booking into the atmospheric New Norcia Hotel. 


Tranquillity, hospitality and amazing valley views make Toodyay the ideal place to stop over, catch your breath, rest a while or establish a base from which to explore the Avon Valley’s wealth of attractions.

Toodyay is situated inland in the picturesque Avon Valley region, only 80km North/East of Perth. The town’s architecture reflects its colonial and convicts past, while the many nature reserves become ablaze with colour with magnificent displays of wildflowers during the wildflower season.

Accommodation at Toodyay

Stay in Toodyay and soak up the country atmosphere at one of our many accommodation options including Bed & Breakfasts, Homesteads, Retreats, Caravan Parks and Hotels.

More to Explore

Explore the town by visiting boutique shops, a variety of cafes and pubs, the Avon River and Bilya Walk Track, regular annual events and Duidgee Park and Pelham Reserve. Or go further afield to discover Conservation and Nature Reserves, magnificent wildflowers, local animals and produce and wineries and restaurants.

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