Day Trip to York and Northam Western Australia

Day Trip to York and Northam Western Australia

Day Trip to York and Northam Western Australia

Day Trip to York

York is one of the small towns in the countryside east of Perth dating from the earliest years of white settlement. The historic town is just under 100km from Central Perth via Highway 94 and the Great Southern Highway. The journey is around one and a half hours, depending on traffic.

From suburbs south of Perth, travel by Kalamunda past the Mundaring Weir. Stop for a look around the site and weir and join Highway 94 to York at Mundaring.

Heritage Buildings in York

Check out the heritage buildings dating from the mid-1800s, including the Castle Hotel, built in 1853. Have a picnic in the park and perhaps cool off later with a drink at the Castle Hotel. You’ll find it on the corner of South St and Avon Terrace.

Day Trip to Northam

Northam is located 150m above sea level and 98 km east of Perth on the Great Eastern Highway and, like York, is one of the earliest settlements in the Central Wheatbelt area. The town, with its beautiful setting and its population of nearly 7000, is remarkably attractive although it has a reputation for fiercely hot summers.

The Avon River

One of the town’s genuinely great attractions is the Avon River. It winds its way through the town, and it has attractive parks and walkways on each side. The river is home to the fantastic white swans.

Another attraction on the Avon is the Suspension Bridge, which crosses the river near the Fitzgerald Street Bridge. The locals proudly claim that their suspension bridge is Australia’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge.

Avon Descent

A street parade, markets and fireworks are followed by the Avon Descent, a gruelling 124km white-water event for power dinghies, kayaks and canoes down the river in all its winter-flow glory.

Burlong Pool

This natural pool on the Avon River is a significant Aboriginal site, as legend has it, the summer home of the Wargal. This giant snakelike creature created waterways and brought life to the land.

Day Trip to York and Northam Western Australia

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