Different Ways People Consume Cannabis That Might Interest You

Different Ways People Consume Cannabis

Many people consume cannabis for a variety of recreational, medicinal and therapeutic reasons. When we think about cannabis we usually think of it being smoked but actually there are many different ways that cannabis can be used depending on personal preference and why cannabis is being used. There are some methods of consumption that are necessary to enhance medical properties of cannabis and others to enhance its potency for recreational enjoyment. Here are some of the different ways people consume cannabis that might interest you.

1. Smoking the Plant Buds

The most common method of consuming cannabis is by smoking the ground up buds of the cannabis plant. This can be done by rolling them up into a kind of cigarette, commonly referred to as a joint, rolling it up in a cigar paper, known as a blunt, or by smoking it in a pipe or bong. When rolling cannabis into joints or blunts, some smokers will mix the cannabis with tobacco to enable it to burn more easily whilst others prefer to smoke the cannabis pure. Cannabis buds can also be made into hash which is a potent resin made from dried buds. Recreational cannabis users are famous for making bongs and pipes out of practically anything that can be found around the house.

2. Edibles

Recreational cannabis users have been eating homemade cannabis brownies for years and the cafes of Amsterdam are famous for serving these high-inducing treats, but these days, particularly since the legalization of cannabis in many countries and states, a huge range of edible cannabis products are being made. The commercial market for edibles is growing at a rapid pace with companies producing every kind of snack imaginable which are extremely potent. 

As well as these commercial cannabis edibles, there are many people experimenting with making edibles at home. The folks behind Magical Butter told us that people are getting more and more creative with their cannabis edible recipes and are making brownies, cakes, cookies, candies and anything else you can imagine. It is not only the cannabis buds that are ingested as solid food but the oil extracted from the plants that can be used in cooking, added to beverages or taken as a capsule. 

3. Vaping

A new technique of consuming cannabis that has been developed in the last few years is vaping. Similarly to how people are nicotine vaping, cannabis is heated in a vaporizer to a temperature just below the point of combustion and vapers can then inhale the active ingredient THC as a pure vapor rather than as an element of more harmful cannabis smoke. Vapers choose this method for a variety of reasons including more potent effects and easier to conceal consumption as vaping does not produce the powerful aroma that smoking cannabis does. 

4. Dabbing

Dabbing is a technique that is similar to vaping except instead of vaporizing the cannabis bud, users vaporize THC resin that has been extracted from the cannabis plant. This resin may come in a solid form or as an oil or wax. This resin is usually smoked in a glass pipe which has been heated to a high temperature. Because vapors are consuming the active ingredient THC in its pure form, the resulting high is reportedly much more powerful.

5. Spraying THC Under the Tongue

For people who are using cannabis for medical reasons like MS, oral THC sprays can be used to reap the benefits of cannabis without any of the side effects of smoking that can be detrimental to health. THC resin is combined with a neutral liquid which is then sprayed under the user’s tongue. Whilst this method was developed for medicinal cannabis consumption it is often utilized by recreational cannabis smokers in places where recreational use is still unlawful.

Different Ways People Consume Cannabis

6. Cannabis Tinctures

Tinctures are made by taking liquid cannabis extracts from plants and infusing it with alcohol which produces a highly concentrated solution. Just a few drops of this solution are placed under the tongue and absorbed into the user’s bloodstream. Again like with THC sprays, this method is intended for medicinal cannabis users. However, as tinctures are such a potent form of cannabis, many recreational users are taking them because of such powerful high results from their consumption.

As can be seen in this article, there are many different ways to consume cannabis and each provides a slightly different experience or set of benefits. Cannabis can be used recreationally or for medicinal or therapeutic but due care must be given as modern cannabis products can be extremely potent and overdosing can occur.