Digital Billboards and Outdoor Advertising Is Growing in Australia

Digital Billboards and Outdoor Advertising Is Growing in Australia

Digital advertising is taking over and that includes the outdoor advertising space. Australians now see outdoor advertising on service stations, shopping centres, airports, sports stadiums, and other spaces advertisers and businesses deem valuable. Data from research done over the past three years shows that about half of all Australians aged 14 and above see some form of digital outdoor advertising at least once a week. 

Rise in Outdoor Advertising

The rise of digital billboards is closely tied to the rise in outdoor advertising. The number of people seeing outdoor advertising such as billboards and posters has increased by about 5% since 2014. This means advertisers and businesses are becoming more aggressive in putting up some form of outdoor advertising.

Looking at the rise in digital outdoor marketing from research carried out around Australia, researchers have found that 59% of people living in large cities see a digital billboard at least once a week, while only 44% of those living in the country do.

Digital advertising by itself has some advantages that traditional advertising does not. Advertisers and businesses are taking advantage of the increasing number of billboard structures and the benefits that come with digital billboards.

Dynamic Content is a Major Advantage for Businesses and Advertisers

One of the reasons why digital billboards are taking over the outdoor advertising space is because they offer dynamism that static billboards cannot offer. With digital billboards, it is easy to alter the content for different times of the day, for different audiences, different events and more. Restaurants, for example, can advertise different meals to lunch and dinner patrons. They could also advertise their specials to entice people passing in front of the restaurant around lunch time.

Because they are controlled software, businesses and advertisers have total control over what is displayed on their digital billboards. Using solutions such as Adflux digital signage software, businesses and advertisers have total control over their billboards and can manage the content on them from anywhere. They can also display much more than advertisements as they can also show notices to their customers, special offers, new locations, and anything else they would like to show the public.

Digital Billboards and Outdoor Advertising Saves Businesses Money

All businesses are looking for ways to keep their costs and expenditures low. Advertising is one area where businesses spend a lot of money. It is also an area where businesses can make huge savings if they examine how they view advertising. 

Outdoor advertising has proven cheaper than many forms of advertising, especially when you calculate the number of customer impressions against the cost of putting up the advertisement. Even in areas where there are many people, which means higher impressions and thus higher billboard costs, outdoor advertising beats digital marketing.

Now, combine affordable outdoor advertising with high-visibility, cost-effective digital billboards, and you have a winning formula. The cost of digital screens has fallen over the years as the efficiency and performance of these screens has increased. These screens are brighter, sharper and have better colours while being cheaper than screens of the past.

They can also be installed anywhere and have a lower environmental impact than traditional billboards and posters. You only need to consider the cost and impact of printing to see why this is the case.

Digital Outdoor Advertising Has Higher Retention

Another reason why digital outdoor advertising is growing is because of retention.  People are more likely to pay attention to and remember digital content than printed content. A significant factor for this is that people have been seeing printed signage for a very long time, and so it has disappeared from their collective consciousness. People can see a billboard or poster and pass it without thinking about it twice.

The other reason is that digital signage has movement and colours and is bright and novel for many people. People want to look at signage to see what it says because it is fascinating. The fight for attention and thus retention is the primary cause of the increasing size of digital billboards in major cities. 

Improvements in Digital Billboard Technology

To do outdoor advertising in the past, you had to use equipment designed for indoor use. This was risky as inclement weather could damage the sign or billboard. Fortunately, digital signage technology has improved significantly in the last two decades.

Today, businesses and advertisers can get outdoor billboards meant to withstand strong winds, harsh sunlight, and rain. Additionally, LED technology used in these billboards is now more readable, regardless of the weather or visibility.

The rise of outdoor marketing has been accelerated by the growth of new technology that makes it more impactful and effective. Digital billboards have several advantages that traditional signage and posters lack, making them the perfect addition to outdoor advertising. Additionally, digital display technology has improved a lot over the past few years, making outdoor advertising much more feasible for many businesses and advertisers.