Digitise Your Notebook

Mod App

Tired of having your notes, scribbles, scraps & sketches in a stack of notebooks? Always seem to be leaving them behind when you need them or misplaced one in a box full of notebooks? Answering yes to those two questions will mean that the Mod App is just the thing you’re yearning for. This new slick app allows the user to organise every single notebook that he/she may own and have them all at their finger tips.

The start of this digitalisation of your every thought that you can scribbled is with Mod’s very own notebooks, which is designed with modern features that makes carrying them around easy. Once you have completed the notebook, either over 2 days of even two years you can send it over to Mod Notebooks using the pre-paid envelope hidden in the back pages of the notebook. For free, all your pages will be digitalised within 5 days and your physical notebook can either be recycled or sent back to you, it’s up to you to decide.

Mod even makes it possible for you to sync your pages with your online storage, choose from Dropbox, Evernote, and OneNote. This great feature means that with or without your notebook, your pages can be accessed from anywhere.