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  • Tour information to Sri Lanka and Galle Sri Lanka

    Tour information to Sri Lanka and Galle Sri Lanka

    Tour information to Sri Lanka and Galle Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka is an island surrounded by golden sandy beaches in Indian Ocean blessed with sun shine and warm weather all year around.


    What makes Galle Special? 

    Galle town is situated in the southern coast of Sri Lanka, where you can experience an explosion of British, Portuguese, Indian and Sri Lankan influences of culture, art, architecture and cuisine. Southern coast has become the hub for expats and tourists due to its diversity and the capability to cater to a wide range of traveller demands. Whether you’re here for sun and sandy beaches, water sports or sightseeing, you will find Galle is a perfect place to be.


    When you get bored of all the sun bathing may be a little rush of adrenaline by joining water sports  can be found all along the southern coast. Or experience upbeat yet affordable night outs without breaking the bank.


    Galle Fort is the main attraction in Galle town, built in 1588 by Portuguese and later fortified and renovated by Dutch and British. Presently transformed into collection of pubs, restaurants and quirky little boutique shops.  Although the prices tend to be on the higher end than restaurants along the beach due to its locality.


    Galle offers a wide verity of hotels that can cater to every type of holidaymakers out there. From 5 star luxury hotels and villas to low-cost hostels and guest houses, accommodation can be found to satisfy every budgetary requirement along the Southern Coast from Hikkaduwa to Unawatuna.


    On the downside due to a large number of holiday lettings available and more popping up every day, you need be cautious and make sure to read through the travellers reviews and do the research  before make reservations to avoid disappointments.


    Unawatuna, a small town about 3km from Galle where you can find the turtle conservation centres and more places to enjoy water sports . And another stretch along the beach where you can find various restaurants with affordable food and drinks in trendy and lively atmosphere.


    Getting here

    Getting down to Galle from Colombo is a breeze if you have private transport arrangements using highway.


    If you’re on a budget the best option is to hop on the highway bus which has 2 starting points, one in Colombo Fort and the other one is in Maharagama. And the other option is to take the train from Colombo Fort that runs along the Southern coastline where you will get to enjoy the sea view throughout the journey with travel time is about 2-21/2 hours and the tickets are as cheap as Rs. 200.


    Or if you’re following the typical travel routes you will be coming from Yala /Udawalawa (Safari Park) or Nuwaraeliya (The Little England). Which will not be an easy commute as from Colombo if you’re on a budget, Nevertheless buses are available mostly throughout the day.

    Once you get to Galle, getting around the town can be another adventure, but if you’re brave enough to face the traffic chaos, scooters or bicycles can be rented from various points around the town. Or simply hop in a Tuk Tuk but bear in mind that there is always room to haggle.

    We hope you found this Tour information to Sri Lanka and Galle Sri Lanka help ful

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