DJ Sliink Interview

DJ Sliink Interview

New Jersey born DJ Sliink is known for his up-tempo rhythms and emerging wave of hybrid dance music. We caught up with DJ Sliink and discussed everything from his blend of Jersey/Philly/Baltimore Club, to gummy bears and Kangaroos…

Hey Stacey. How are things? How’s this year been treating you?
Hello there. This year has been absolutely amazing. I’m staying busy and inspiring and that’s the main goal for me.

Where in the world are you right now? It must be so amazing that your music lets you travel, where’s your favourite place to play?
Right now I’m actually in Sydney. I have a little time off before shows. I really needed this rest but I’ve been enjoying Australia. It’s really a blessing to travel, I could’ve been doing anything in this world, but I’m doing this. I really love playing in NYC it is so close to home. I also love playing in Europe, that’s like my second home 🙂

You’re heading to Sydney’s Chinese Laundry next month, what have you got in store for the crowd?
I have a great experience in store for the crowd. I want to give them the experience I got when I went to my first Jersey shows. I’m kind of going to take it to the roots with my first releases etc. I’m going to basically tell a story.

Have you got any other plans whilst you’re in Australia?
Pshhh… I wanted to rent a kangaroo; I need to know how I go about doing so. I want to walk it around and take it to the club and make music with it.

With so much great music out there at the moment it must be difficult to choose what will go into your sets, how do you decide what makes the cut?
I pretty much stick to my taste. All great artists/DJ’s test music out. If I like the song, I simply introduce it in my set. I pay attention to the crowd’s reaction to new songs in my set. Basically if I can listen to the song on a regular basis, it’s amazing.

You’ve just released a remix of Dog Blood’s Shred or Die, what made you choose that track and are you releasing any more mixes this year?
Skrillex camp actually got in touch with my camp and we made magic. As you know, I have other styles and crazy ideas to my mind. I still have love for a hard type of music, it turns the crowd up! I think I will release more mixes, let’s see.

What’s the club DJ scene like at the moment?
It’s amazing; everyone plays his or her role. Playing your role is important in this scene. It’s easy to get lost by not knowing your role. Its very good music coming out and I’m enjoying it. As long as everyone is having fun and dancing, it does my heart good.

How do you keep energies high and the clubbers going when you’re doing a set?
To keep energy high you have to know how to work your crowd. The way that I DJ is I play halftime / double time, it gives the crowd a bounce. Humans have short attention spans lol, you have to stick and move. I play a lot of exciting music, you also have to talk and participate with your crowd.

How would you describe your sound as a producer and DJ? Do you think your hometown of New Jersey has had an influence?
My sound, hmm…. My sound is a B-more/Jersey club style. Since I’ve been traveling the world, I also have like an electronic sound to my style. Basically, I just do what I want. A lot of people worry too much about trends. I look at music as a big culture, especially Jersey club music. I’m unreadable. New Jersey has had an influence on my life and my music. New Jersey has taught me how to be a genuine person. New Jersey has given me my style & attitude with music. I looked up to all the people that came before me.

Has there ever been anything unusual on your rider?
I wouldn’t say unusual but a bunch of gummy bears lol. It’s good to snack on something on stage. I actually want a kangaroo if that’s possible, let’s make that happen.

Who’s on your music radar at the moment, anyone that our readers should be aware of?
BE AWARE OF CARTEL MUSIC!!! Cartel Music is a collective that I’m a part of. The camp consists of very talented young Jersey club producers. I believe in the people I keep company with. Some names of the producers are DJ Tray, DJ Big O, Hotrod, Mike GIP, Etc…

What’s the plan after playing Australia’s Chinese Laundry? What’s next in the pipeline for 2014?
After Australia I will be heading back to Europe for a round 2! I plan on releasing some great music also. Lookout!!!!

DJ Sliink will be performing on Saturday April 12th at Chinese Laundry with Dirty South Joe. Get your tickets here: