DJ Yousef Talks About ANTS Seventh Anniversary At Ushuaia Ibiza

DJ Yousef Talks About ANTS Seventh Anniversary At Ushuaia Ibiza

Can you please intro yourself in a few words and tell us who you are by day and who you are by night?

Hi my name is Yousef, I’m a touring DJ for over 21 years, producer on many of the world’s best record labels, an artist, Circus Recordings Label, label owner, Circus Events owner, weekly radio show host and a committed father, I do all by day and by night!

How’s the start of the European summer festival/clubbing season going for you? Is it too early to ask for highlights?

Might be a bit early yes, but overall things are going great. Although I’m spending much more time in America this summer than ever before. 

Can you tell us a little about where you live? What’s the clubbing/electronic music scene like?

I’m from Liverpool UK, although I don’t live there any longer. The clubbing scene in Liverpool is explosive and strong and authentic and fun too. The ravers KNOW their music well, but still like to have fun and not chin stroke too much. It’s a great combination. My event Circus is 17 this year and has been booking the best underground house & techno since day one. I play every event and there’s no one in quality house & techno we’ve not booked I think . 

Can you recommend any clubs/bars? 

The Merchant Liverpool is the hot spot right now. It’s super cool, great drinks and pizza. 

Do you have a favourite restaurant or cafe? 

In Liverpool when I’m there, Maray Café is literally ten out of ten.

Where’s the best place to party during the day? Do you have any good day clubs or annual festivals?

Circus has been a daytime party for 6 or 7 years now, the vibe feels more fun, free and about the music than ever before, 

Do you currently hold any residencies? Can you tell us more about that? 

Circus in Liverpool for 17 years. Sven, Dice, Cox, Dice, Seth, Capriati, Charlotte, everyone plays, its immense!

Where else will you be playing this summer in Europe? What are you most looking forward to?

All over, but ANTS at Ushuaia is always a great show for me during the Ibiza season!

Can you give us three recommendations for clubs or festivals our readers should visit this year?

Have to say my trips to new cities in America this year have been great. Pockets of amazing raves in Atlanta, Houston, El Paso, all surprising and rocking! 

You’re set to release your fourth album ‘9 Moor Drive’ on 20th September, how did this come about? 

About 13 months ago I happened to be driving through my old neighbourhood with my wife in the car, and we drove past my old street, ‘Moor Drive’. I suggested I show her the street and the house, ‘9 Moor Drive’. As I drove past the house, a million memories came flooding back and it hit me, I should get all these stories down via the best medium I know. My wife knew I struggled with releasing much of the history of what happened at 9MD so making the album became an important cathartic process as well as an artistic endeavour.

Your album is autobiographical is that correct? Tell us more, what inspired you to create such a meaningful album surrounding your childhood in Liverpool?

Like I say, those formative years were pretty turbulent, as well as full of freedom and creativity and its where I discovered music and the arts. All of these beginnings, from 4 to 14 built the foundations for the man I’ve become. Even though much of my childhood at 9 Moor Drive was extreme and challenging, the experience prepared me for life early and gave me absolute determination to do my best, doing something I was good at and I enjoyed. That’s the irony, even though things got tough, so did I. I’ve been working hard ever since.

Anything else you would like to add/plug?

Circus recordings has outstanding releases from Jansons `Swtich, which is this summer’s biggest track so far and another unreal deep vocal from Ki Creighton. I’ve signed AXIA from Australia with an super impressive Taya remix and new Green Velvet Bigger Than Prince remixes drop soon. Circus events come back soon with our birthday event with myself, Sven Vath, Seth Troxler, Peggy Gou and more in our new home, the Bramley Dock Warehouse which has to be seen, it’s extremely good.

Yousef is set to play at ANTS Seventh Anniversary at Ushuaia Ibiza on 7th September