Dropbear Adventures Fraser Island Review

dropbear adventures fraser island review

This month, we quiz Leigh Williams, a stylist from London about her trip up the east coast of Australia to the stunning, Fraser Island. A perfect whistle stop itinerary for anyone on a time budget!

How did you plan your route before arriving?
I didn’t. I booked a flight to Sydney then decided what to do once I arrived.
What East Coast Route did you choose?
I visited Sydney, Byron Bay, Noosa and Fraser Island. Catching flights and Greyhound buses in between.
What was so appealing about the East Coast to you?
The beaches, weather, people, yoga community and general laid back vibe.
How did you come across Dropbear Adventures?
I was recommended Dropbear Adventures by Travel Agency, Ratpack Travel, who helped me out loads in finding the perfect tour company to visit the Island with.
lake mackenzie fraser island review
Where did you leave from to get to Fraser Island?
I stayed at Noosa Flackpackers hostel in Noosa and Dropbear Adventures picked me from my hostel. We drove to the ferry then over to Fraser Island by ferry.
What were your thoughts when you first arrived on the island?
The beach goes on forever! It’s very rural with stunning views like I’ve never seen before. I loved it straight away.
What was it like camping on Fraser?
I stayed in a hostel on Fraser Island – The Beach House Hostel – it was great! I would highly recommend.
Where was a real highlight on the tour?
Lake Mackenzie was a true highlight. Our tour guide took us there early in the morning before the crowds. We had the entire lake there to ourselves. The entire tour group got up early one morning too to watch the sunrise on the beach. That was pretty special. We saw a Dingo that morning too.
dingo puppy on fraser island
What wildlife did you encounter?
Dingos and fish in the lakes.
How long did you go for?
One night, two days.
What was the biggest adrenaline rush whilst on Fraser?
Driving the 4×4 vehicles.
What should you pack when touring Fraser Island?
Swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, toothbrush, shorts / top and a rain mac (although we had perfect weather). You don’t need anything else.
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Find out more about visiting Fraser Island at www.dropbearadventures.com.au