Easy Ways To Make Your Long Trip Bearable

Easy Ways To Make Your Long Trip Bearable

Vacations are often the highlight of the year but in order to get to your planned destinations, you usually have to make the choice between long hours sitting in a car or a few hours of uncomfortable seating on an airplane. Either way, long journeys can be incredibly frustrating and boring. 

Luckily, there are some easy ways to make your long trip bearable. With a few simple things to pack, along with a few entertaining suggestions, this article will help time fly by until you arrive at your destinations.

Play Online Word Scramble Games

Word games are ideal for you to stay entertained while keeping your mind sharp and expanding your vocabulary. If you are traveling with work colleagues or you are eager to challenge your friends to interesting games, you can play scrabble online and use an unscrambler tool to find better solutions and learn new words. These games are not only fun and mind engaging, they are also available anytime and anywhere with just a click of your phone. You will also usually find some kind of word game in the games section of airplane entertainment systems.

Listen to a Podcast or Audiobook

Podcasts and audiobooks can be excellent and informative forms of entertainment. With long drives, you will need something interesting enough to keep your attention over a long period of time. Podcasts and audiobooks are popular forms of in-car entertainment as they are accessible at any time, and allow you to stimulate your mind whilst at the same time taking in the beautiful scenery.

Enjoy Music and Explore New Playlists

Music can lift your mood, take your mind off to wonderful places and help time to pass more quickly. What could be better than listening to your favourite songs while enjoying the beautiful scenery as you are driving along. Studies have also shown that music can help with motion sickness and nausea, so next time you encounter symptoms of motion sickness whilst driving or are simply bored out of your mind on a long flight, pop in your headphones and let music take you away to somewhere else.

Pack Healthy Snacks 

If you are doing a long drive, you will need snacks during long trips as snacking on healthy and nutritious foods is a good way to skip stopping at fast-food stops along the way. Water and gum will keep your mouth from getting too dehydrated while healthy snacks such as fruits or nuts will help you stay alert and boost your energy levels. If you know there will be limited food options along the way, it is also helpful to pack light meals such as sandwiches.

If you plan to minimize stops for meals, bringing a cooler will be a great idea as you can pack everything from refreshing drinks to healthy meals. Not only will it save you time stopping at rest stops along the way, it will also save you a lot of money on food costs along the way.

Easy Ways To Make Your Long Trip Bearable

Dress as Comfortably as Possible

When it comes to long trips, it’s not about how good you look, but how comfortable you feel. Especially when you have to sit still in a small space for a long period of time, it always makes more sense to dress in comfortable clothes rather than stylish ones. Loose clothes and shoes that are easy to slip on or off as you require are ideal no matter whether you are traveling by car, plane, train or any other form of transportation.

Blankets and small-sized pillows can be used as extra cushions or sleeping support for your lower back. Sunglasses are essential if you travel during the daytime to protect your eyes from dazzling sunlight. Lastly, toiletries such as tissues, wipes and sanitary gel can be your life-savers in sticky and messy situations on the road. 

Plan Ahead for Rest Stops

Sitting for a long extended period of time can be hard on your neck, legs and lower back. It is recommended that you should stop and get out of your car every two to three hours. If you are on a long flight, it is always recommended to get out of your seat and walk up and down the aisle periodically and stretch out to prevent deep vein thrombosis and other problems. Just don’t do it while they are wheeling the meal cart down the aisle. 

Long trips and car drives can be exciting, but they can get very tiresome after a while. In order to make the most out of these trips and be able to fully enjoy the sense of vacation and adventure, follow the tips laid out in this easy guide and you can be assured of the trip of a lifetime.