Eco Friendly Marine Conservation Volunteer Projects

Eco Friendly Marine Conservation Volunteer Projects

The world’s oceans are often only considered as an afterthought by governments around the world and this has led to two huge problems for the wildlife which lives in the sea. These problems are namely: pollution and overfishing. This means that marine conservation efforts are needed now more than ever, and you can help by volunteering in the one of the many marine conservation volunteer projects. 

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  • The #TrashTag challenge
  • 4 Eco-friendly marine conservation projects

The #TrashTag challenge

Plastic and litter are some of the biggest problems faced by the environment, along with electronic waste (E-waste) which is said to be the fastest growing stream of hazardous waste in the world. Thankfully everyone can help relieve some of this stress from the natural world along with the new social media challenge known as the #TrashTag challenge, which is encouraging people to remove litter and rubbish from polluted areas. The #TrashTag challenge is motivating people across the world to clean up an area of their community, and post a before-and-after to their social media

4 Eco-friendly Marine Conservation Projects

Costa Rica – Sea Turtle Conservation with GoEco: Volunteers get the chance to get involved in every aspect of sea turtle conservation, from protecting eggs to caring for hatchlings along the coasts of Costa Rica. They will also get to learn about marine conservation as well as participate in environmental projects developed by the community.

Beach Conservation Volunteering in Hawaii: Join this volunteer program to learn firsthand about the health of Hawaii’s coral reefs and native marine wildlife. This project is designed with the focus to remove small pieces of plastic marine debris from beach sand to the island of Hawaii. Participants will receive on-site training and can choose from a variety of tasks. No prior research experience necessary. 

Australian Wildlife Rescue, Care and Rehabilitation: Contribute to conservation efforts at one of Australia’s leading wildlife sanctuaries. Volunteer activities include preparing the animals’ food, cleaning enclosures, assisting in animal rescues and emergency treatment among many others. 

Thailand Coastal Conservation Expedition: This expedition will give you a holistic and well-rounded insight into the conservation issues facing the region and the measures our teams are taking to in response. Besides hands-on conservation activities, you will become immersed in the culture through various community initiatives to promote environmental education. As a volunteer, you will help to protect some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and coral reef systems.

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